Racist anti-Obama Facebook post gets woman fired

Cnet-"A California woman seems genuinely surprised that calling the president by the n-word and wishing for his assassination might be, well, a big deal."

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MikeMyers2077d ago

Public humiliation is far more effective than anything these days for such idiocy. If she had just stopped after this "He's done absolutely nothing for this country.", that would have been fine. But no, we still have people like this who think it's their right to say whatever they want.

I'm sure her parents are very proud of their little girl. Good luck getting a new job.

ChrisW2076d ago

Oh yeah... the 1st Amendment... people think it protects them from things like defamation.

Well, it doesn't!

M_Prime2077d ago

"even though she used the N word she claims she is not racist"

yeah, okay there

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2pacalypsenow2077d ago

so every rapper is racist?

killerhog2077d ago

If you use it offensively for hate then yes, especially if you're white. Rappers 99% of the time use the n word as an insult.

Kurylo3d2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

I dont care how you rationalize. White people know better. Its in our culture that white people shouldnt say it. She knows that. You know that. Dont try to say , "but black people say it". Well its acceptable for black people to say it in our culture. Deal with it.

This bitch is ignorant as hell and racist as hell. Somehow i feel like her comments would be more supportive if obama was white or a republican. He can do no good... the good he has done isnt even glanced over with her. "Hes done nothing for our country" she says... what a retard!

dingoboy2077d ago

So I cant say a particular word because of the color of my skin?

TheDivine2077d ago

If blacks are insulted by the word then they need to stop using it. If they call each other nigger they have no right to be offended when someone else does. Rap made it into a word everybody uses despite color or race. They popularised it and then bitch that its popular.

There is a difference between my nigga and that/you nigger but honestly theyre hypocrits. I can say a word but you cant? It was a dead word except for racists and then they revived it and put it into everyone vocabulary. Shouldve left it for racist assholes so we wouldnt have these stupid arguments over how its said or if mexicans can say it or just not whites BS.

And yes that was a very ignorant woman. When you add in nigger to your remark its clear why you disagree with him. I disagree with him on about every level but its NOT because of his heritage its because he makes bad decisions and divided the country worse than ive ever seen it. I dont think she shouldve been fired though. Her remarks or views have nothing to do with her job unless she works at the NAACP or something. If i were her i would sue.

Shang-Long2076d ago

.... the thing is people unless your black will never understand the difference between the two. argue what you like but its different.

south park had an eps on it lol.

DeadlyFire2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )


Whites that were slaves in times of slavery were called White Niggers. The word Nigger is not sold to just one color. It should not be branded as such. It will never go away if it is always branded to one color.

Tell me 5 damn things Obama has done for this country.

Bush signed an order to resend troops by Dec. 31st 2011 from Iraq. So lets not start with that one. Status of forces Agreement. Look it up.

You can say whatever the f you want to say no matter the color of your skin. Don't let ignorance from other people stop you.

ChrisW2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Spik is a racial slur against Mexicans made by Mexicans! That makes every Mexican who uses it racist!!!


zag2076d ago

It's french for the colour black anyway.

They use noir for black only in the modern day.

If black people or anyone wants to be politically correct about it then you'd call all black people tanned people.

zag2076d ago

"Whites that were slaves in times of slavery were called White Niggers. The word Nigger is not sold to just one color. It should not be branded as such. It will never go away if it is always branded to one color."

That wrong everyone that was a slave would have been called a slave or really what they would have called them in their language.

You have slaves as far back as the hitties Egypt etc.

M_Prime2076d ago


reminds me of the Jersey Shore episode of South Park.

"You wouldn't understand, its a Jersey thing"


Honestly she didn't need the N-Word, and if she gave a reason i would maybe be sympathetic to her cause but saying a blanket statement like "he has done nothing for us" and "I don't like him" don't do it for me, in grade 2 i learned the magical word BECAUSE. give a F'n reason, don't just say stuff without backing it up. I mean i could sat "gravity doesn't exist, its made up" but without proof i sound like a moron. This lady is a Moron.

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Speed-Racer2077d ago

At least someone more deserving will get her job... hopefully.

gaffyh2077d ago

She's actually lucky, if she said anything like that in the UK and most of Western Europe, she would have been arrested. There've been people in the UK arrested and charged for tweets with views against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars!

dennett3162077d ago

The only arrests I've heard of in the UK for tweets and the like have come fairly recently, and it was for Troll behaviour such as targeting the relatives of dead children and mocking their deaths and things of that nature.
Do you have any links to stories about anti-war tweets getting people arrested?

fatstarr2077d ago

yea like that tweet when the guy got arrested for cyber bullying some olympic athlete that failed to medal.

UK is serious about that shit.

Abdou232077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Actually if it was said by a non-american specially Middle-eastern person he would have been laying down on his face blindfolded and being electrified in Guantanamo as we speak.

Consoldtobots2077d ago

whats so lucky about it?

the fact that people can be arrested for expressing themselves WETHER WE AGREE WITH IT OR NOT is DISGUSTING to liberty.

UnwanteDreamz2077d ago

When your speach incites violence or hate it shouldn't be okay. BTW Federal Offense to call for the assassination of an American President.

I bet if 30 people showed up at a family members funeral calling them a murderer or baby killer you wouldn't be so understanding. You really think not protecting hate speech is a threat to liberty?


gaffyh2076d ago

Freedom of speech in that sense does not exist in Western Europe, which is why she is lucky to be American really. If people say stuff like that in Western Europe, they tend to nip it in the bud immediately otherwise we'll have a new Adolf Hitler (or at least that's what they're thinking).

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SKUD2077d ago

What did I just watch.....

Mounce2077d ago

A dumb bitch who thinks her opinions are valid.

And she got attention for going full-retard.

chriski3332077d ago

Well in America everyone has a voice and can say what they want even if they want to say the word (nigger) .

360ICE2076d ago

Everyone has a voice in America, yes. Just a shame the more moderate and sensible voices are toned down, and voices with a lot of money behind them are given the highest volume.

Mounce2076d ago

Well, to both of you, Chriski333 and 360ICE of course, I go by a good quote relating to that.

“The voice of the intelligence is drowned out by the roar of fear. It is ignored by the voice of desire. It is contradicted by the voice of shame. It is biased by hate and extinguished by anger. Most of all it is silenced by ignorance.” - Karl A. Menninger

Gondee2077d ago

Something that is on the wrong website -_-

Crazyglues2077d ago

What you just saw was the dumbest woman on the planet, showing how it is possible to do more then one Epic Fail in a single Facebook post..

Let's see if we can re-cap all the fails she did in just one comment..

-Showed how to be a spoiled brat, just because her party lost the election..

-Showed that even though you might have passed 12th grade you can still lack common sense..

-Showed that racist people are the first people to say they are not racist because they have other friends that are not white.. (See George Zimmerman defense for example A)

-Showed that ignorance is bliss, as she asked what did she do wrong... -because clearly calling the president the n-word and wishing for his assassination is not a bad thing?

-Showed that while some people may look normal from the outside it is possible that they could be a full blown retard..

DeadlyFire2076d ago

A woman get disrespected and thrown out of her workplace for not liking the President.

Its a shameful place I live in now called America.

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