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Submitted by Mark484 1186d ago | news

Racist anti-Obama Facebook post gets woman fired

Cnet-"A California woman seems genuinely surprised that calling the president by the n-word and wishing for his assassination might be, well, a big deal." (Facebook, Obama, Web)

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MikeMyers  +   1186d ago
Public humiliation is far more effective than anything these days for such idiocy. If she had just stopped after this "He's done absolutely nothing for this country.", that would have been fine. But no, we still have people like this who think it's their right to say whatever they want.

I'm sure her parents are very proud of their little girl. Good luck getting a new job.
DeadlyFire  +   1185d ago
It is their right.
ChrisW  +   1185d ago
Oh yeah... the 1st Amendment... people think it protects them from things like defamation.

Well, it doesn't!
M_Prime  +   1186d ago
"even though she used the N word she claims she is not racist"

yeah, okay there
Ranma1   1186d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
2pacalypsenow  +   1186d ago
so every rapper is racist?
killerhog  +   1186d ago
If you use it offensively for hate then yes, especially if you're white. Rappers 99% of the time use the n word as an insult.
Kurylo3d  +   1185d ago
I dont care how you rationalize. White people know better. Its in our culture that white people shouldnt say it. She knows that. You know that. Dont try to say , "but black people say it". Well its acceptable for black people to say it in our culture. Deal with it.

This bitch is ignorant as hell and racist as hell. Somehow i feel like her comments would be more supportive if obama was white or a republican. He can do no good... the good he has done isnt even glanced over with her. "Hes done nothing for our country" she says... what a retard!
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dingoboy  +   1185d ago
So I cant say a particular word because of the color of my skin?
TheDivine  +   1185d ago
If blacks are insulted by the word then they need to stop using it. If they call each other nigger they have no right to be offended when someone else does. Rap made it into a word everybody uses despite color or race. They popularised it and then bitch that its popular.

There is a difference between my nigga and that/you nigger but honestly theyre hypocrits. I can say a word but you cant? It was a dead word except for racists and then they revived it and put it into everyone vocabulary. Shouldve left it for racist assholes so we wouldnt have these stupid arguments over how its said or if mexicans can say it or just not whites BS.

And yes that was a very ignorant woman. When you add in nigger to your remark its clear why you disagree with him. I disagree with him on about every level but its NOT because of his heritage its because he makes bad decisions and divided the country worse than ive ever seen it. I dont think she shouldve been fired though. Her remarks or views have nothing to do with her job unless she works at the NAACP or something. If i were her i would sue.
Shang-Long  +   1185d ago
.... the thing is people unless your black will never understand the difference between the two. argue what you like but its different.

south park had an eps on it lol.
DeadlyFire  +   1185d ago

Whites that were slaves in times of slavery were called White Niggers. The word Nigger is not sold to just one color. It should not be branded as such. It will never go away if it is always branded to one color.

Tell me 5 damn things Obama has done for this country.

Bush signed an order to resend troops by Dec. 31st 2011 from Iraq. So lets not start with that one. Status of forces Agreement. Look it up.

You can say whatever the f you want to say no matter the color of your skin. Don't let ignorance from other people stop you.
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ChrisW  +   1185d ago
Spik is a racial slur against Mexicans made by Mexicans! That makes every Mexican who uses it racist!!!

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zag  +   1185d ago
It's french for the colour black anyway.

They use noir for black only in the modern day.

If black people or anyone wants to be politically correct about it then you'd call all black people tanned people.
zag  +   1185d ago
"Whites that were slaves in times of slavery were called White Niggers. The word Nigger is not sold to just one color. It should not be branded as such. It will never go away if it is always branded to one color."

That wrong everyone that was a slave would have been called a slave or really what they would have called them in their language.

You have slaves as far back as the hitties Egypt etc.
M_Prime  +   1184d ago

reminds me of the Jersey Shore episode of South Park.

"You wouldn't understand, its a Jersey thing"


Honestly she didn't need the N-Word, and if she gave a reason i would maybe be sympathetic to her cause but saying a blanket statement like "he has done nothing for us" and "I don't like him" don't do it for me, in grade 2 i learned the magical word BECAUSE. give a F'n reason, don't just say stuff without backing it up. I mean i could sat "gravity doesn't exist, its made up" but without proof i sound like a moron. This lady is a Moron.
Speed-Racer  +   1186d ago
At least someone more deserving will get her job... hopefully.
gaffyh  +   1186d ago
She's actually lucky, if she said anything like that in the UK and most of Western Europe, she would have been arrested. There've been people in the UK arrested and charged for tweets with views against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars!
dennett316  +   1186d ago
The only arrests I've heard of in the UK for tweets and the like have come fairly recently, and it was for Troll behaviour such as targeting the relatives of dead children and mocking their deaths and things of that nature.
Do you have any links to stories about anti-war tweets getting people arrested?
fatstarr  +   1186d ago
yea like that tweet when the guy got arrested for cyber bullying some olympic athlete that failed to medal.

UK is serious about that shit.
Abdou23  +   1186d ago
Actually if it was said by a non-american specially Middle-eastern person he would have been laying down on his face blindfolded and being electrified in Guantanamo as we speak.
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Consoldtobots  +   1185d ago
whats so lucky about it?

the fact that people can be arrested for expressing themselves WETHER WE AGREE WITH IT OR NOT is DISGUSTING to liberty.
UnwanteDreamz  +   1185d ago
When your speach incites violence or hate it shouldn't be okay. BTW Federal Offense to call for the assassination of an American President.

I bet if 30 people showed up at a family members funeral calling them a murderer or baby killer you wouldn't be so understanding. You really think not protecting hate speech is a threat to liberty?

gaffyh  +   1185d ago
Freedom of speech in that sense does not exist in Western Europe, which is why she is lucky to be American really. If people say stuff like that in Western Europe, they tend to nip it in the bud immediately otherwise we'll have a new Adolf Hitler (or at least that's what they're thinking).
SKUD  +   1186d ago
What did I just watch.....
Mounce  +   1186d ago
A dumb bitch who thinks her opinions are valid.

And she got attention for going full-retard.
chriski333  +   1185d ago
Well in America everyone has a voice and can say what they want even if they want to say the word (nigger) .
360ICE  +   1185d ago
Everyone has a voice in America, yes. Just a shame the more moderate and sensible voices are toned down, and voices with a lot of money behind them are given the highest volume.
Mounce  +   1185d ago
Well, to both of you, Chriski333 and 360ICE of course, I go by a good quote relating to that.

“The voice of the intelligence is drowned out by the roar of fear. It is ignored by the voice of desire. It is contradicted by the voice of shame. It is biased by hate and extinguished by anger. Most of all it is silenced by ignorance.” - Karl A. Menninger
Gondee  +   1186d ago
Something that is on the wrong website -_-
Crazyglues  +   1186d ago
What you just saw was the dumbest woman on the planet, showing how it is possible to do more then one Epic Fail in a single Facebook post..

Let's see if we can re-cap all the fails she did in just one comment..

-Showed how to be a spoiled brat, just because her party lost the election..

-Showed that even though you might have passed 12th grade you can still lack common sense..

-Showed that racist people are the first people to say they are not racist because they have other friends that are not white.. (See George Zimmerman defense for example A)

-Showed that ignorance is bliss, as she asked what did she do wrong... -because clearly calling the president the n-word and wishing for his assassination is not a bad thing?

-Showed that while some people may look normal from the outside it is possible that they could be a full blown retard..
DeadlyFire  +   1185d ago
A woman get disrespected and thrown out of her workplace for not liking the President.

Its a shameful place I live in now called America.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1185d ago
some bitch...
jack who  +   1186d ago
hopefully the fbi shows up at her door next.

only a low life would wish for another persons death
barb_wire  +   1186d ago
Right, yet when Bush was President - we heard it everyday from Liberals calling for his and his families death..

no big deal right?
RBLAZE1988  +   1186d ago
I don't really recall anyone calling for bush's assassination. An impeachment yes but death? No. I have noticed extreme closet racism ever since obama has been president, mainly from republicans.
dennett316  +   1186d ago
What makes you think that jack who wouldn't consider those who threatened Bush to be lowlifes too? He said nothing to indicate otherwise, so I wonder why you posted something like this at all?
Why go for the political divide when jack who made no indication of doing so?
Overly defensive?
Yi-Long  +   1186d ago
@Barb: I believe liberals called for Bush to be tried by court...
... for the hundreds of thousands of victims due to his illegal war on Iraq which was based on lies.

And yes, if you are willingly responsible for countless innocent deaths, I'm guessing the death-penalty would be a suitable punishment, according to many.

I'm sure 'some' liberals have also been hoping and calling for worse things to happen to Bush and perhaps his family. There are radical idiots in EVERY group.
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ziggurcat  +   1186d ago
i don't recall anyone calling for his death. maybe that was something made up by republiclod pundits as most things attacking the left are...
TheDivine  +   1185d ago
Are you guys really that ignorant or do you just have a selective memory? Ive seen liberals call blacks house niggers for being in the Tea Party, death threats, and people celebrating over personal tragedy. Ed Schultz said he wished Cheney didnt live through his transplant or something similar. They routinely encourage people to kill republicans and cheer for their death.

Go here and see how hypocritical and hateful they are. If a conservative said half this crap it would be on every news station and newspaper in the US. Its ok for liberals to be violent and angry though. _hate_speech

Anyone who says they dont remember that stuff has been drinking liberal kool-aid. Both sides say stupid stuff but only the left can openly spew venomous hate filled vomit and death threats.
SAE  +   1185d ago
i don't wish obama or any american president to die because i know no matter what , america will do the same policy , but i wish the people that control them die ...

note : in my country we all wish the king and his family to die , just last friday they killed a 16 years old boy for going to pray , they run over him , the hit made him fly , then they took the body and remove all the evidences, fake the crime as an accident then fake his identity as an (Asian) , they are that cruel
chiwoo  +   1186d ago
I am confident she would never say this to a black person's face
mt  +   1186d ago
some people are just great at ignorance. people are raping the amendments as if they were the ones who wrote it.
Bonerboy  +   1186d ago
Just another fat sow, white-trash, under-educated american hick. "like, and so I was like, and like whatever."
Obama seems to be doing something right if you can keep enlarging your big fat racist ass on twinkies and slurpees.
Just one of millions, this dumb bitch
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Treian  +   1186d ago
"He has done anything for country." He removed don't ask, don't tell. He killed Bin Laden. He created more jobs. He saved the care industry. He make sure equal pay is for women. He fixed the corrupt insurance companies. Stupid women.
Consoldtobots  +   1185d ago
you dont seriously believe what you just wrote??

don't hate obama because he's black, hate him because he's a socialist idiot.
Treian  +   1185d ago
Because of what I said got signed and passed. Where have you been? Believing Romney's lies?
SephirothX21  +   1186d ago
Although I have no problem with Obama as president, wishing him to be assassinated is not the same as threatening to assassinate him. Using the n word is obviously being racist but I don't think something like that is illegal. Therefore, she seems to be a very annoying and unpleasant individual but I don't think any further action will be taken.
KwietStorm  +   1185d ago
You can't make a comment about assassinating the president of a country, especially the US. Regardless of whether its by proxy or not, you just can't do it. And because it was in "print" where it is saved forever for everyone to see, the Secret Service is not going to take their eyes off of her. What a dumb broad.
SephirothX21  +   1185d ago
Well people should have the freedom to say what they like about who they like unless it is a threat or some form of verbal bullying. I strongly disagree with her but unless she makes a direct threat and comes across as a plausible danger to the president, I don't think a big deal should be made of it. I know in Ireland where I'm from, people just wouldn't pay attention to some fool hoping our president or taoiseach would be assassinated.
TKCMuzzer  +   1186d ago
Judging by the fact she doesn't understand what she said was wrong I find it hard to believe she has any understanding of politics to judge Obama in the first place.

The trouble is any one over the right age has a right to vote, this video shows how scary that is.
rezzah  +   1186d ago
Funny how they speak about the children yet they can't vote for the type of life they live.
KwietStorm  +   1185d ago
TheRealHeisenberg  +   1186d ago
It is a shame that we still have to deal with people like this in 2012.
rezzah  +   1186d ago
Harder to believe the world can be free of ignorance at all.
zeal0us  +   1186d ago
Republicans aren't racist but most racist are.....
chukamachine  +   1186d ago
Bush, lol.

His best comment.

We must stop these terrorist killings.

Now watch this drive.

You can call this woman whatever you like, but only idiots seem to run the usa.
wishingW3L  +   1186d ago
why the USA has so many racist people? And is not just the white people, there are tons of racist black people too.
eddieperry3  +   1185d ago
It probably wouldn't be news if she was a black woman saying nigg@ or b!tch. Its only racist if your white. Unfortunately that is the truth these but still dont agree with her..
cee773  +   1185d ago
what did you just say lol. the word she used had an ER at the end not an A which is big difference and using those words in combination with assassination/death threat yes she's about as racist as they come
SOULJER  +   1185d ago
She is't very smart. Also that girl is much to ugly and fat, to be calling anyone names.
Klonopin  +   1185d ago
stupid ho
momthemeatloaf  +   1185d ago
America is a country that evolves too fast for the government to keep up with. I guess with so many cultures and a constant flow of immigrants, this country will continue to not be able to maintain itself. This country will be a third world country by the time it hits 1 billion in population, about 150 yrs from now.
SkyGamer  +   1185d ago
California part of America. Free speech.
MEsoJD  +   1185d ago
Why did this inbreed chick have to live in my state? These type of people are embarrassing for any country.
SanMarco  +   1185d ago
Soldierone  +   1185d ago
How many racists people said things about Bush and nothing was done? How many times have I been called racists things for not voting for Obama? And nothing is done...

Its funny how these double standards work. People vote for Obama because he is black, not considered racist. People yell out "cracka" or "white trash" to people not supporting him, its not considered racists. African Americans call each other "nigga" and its not considered racist....

Give me a break. It was a Facebook comment by some idiot mad her person didn't win, don't play the game like there is no one doing the complete opposite....
Pozzle  +   1185d ago
Probably because there's over a hundred of years of history behind white people using the word "n*gger" to oppress, discriminate, hate and dehumanize people who are black. So a white person using the word is naturally going to have worse connotations than a black person using the word, even in this day and age. (And let's face it, it's obvious how the woman in the video meant it.)

Words like "cracker" and "white trash" are insulting, but they just don't have the same cruel and oppressive history behind them.

I'm not saying non-white people can't be racist too (and tbh, I don't think anybody of any race should use such words) and I don't mean to be all preachy. But there's a big difference between a minority person using a racist word to reclaim it as their own and take some of the punch out of it, and a majority person using a racist word to degrade another and basically say their race makes them less than human.

And really, not being allowed to use racist words is a pretty tame "double standard" compared to a lot of the shit that black people (and other non-white races) have to put up with in our supposedly multicultural Western countries.
I'd rather be in the position of not being able to use the word "n*gger", than have people call me a "n*gger" because they see me as less than human due to the color of my skin. Just sayin'

Forgive the essay. I didn't mean for this comment to be so long.
#24.1 (Edited 1185d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Soldierone  +   1185d ago
And if people went through that today, I'd be fine with it. But how many people throwing a fit actually went through slavery and oppressed times? How do we get over it if its constantly brought up?! People do realize African Americans were not the only slaves right?

Honestly someone using a word to assault someone is still just a word, no matter what it is.

Look at the disagrees I'm getting with absolutely no response to it at all, I call that racist. Its double standards at this point. You can't say ANYTHING about another race if you are white, but if you are the other race by all means say anything you feel like. It's wrong, its not a "its your turn now" thing, no.

Since I have little bubbles, @Lord_Sloth I entirely agree. Even schools are doing it now. A school here suspended a bunch of kids for drinking at a party and posted pictures on facebook....why? There is a separation between work and personal life....

@the replies, she isn't a representative. If she was saying it to customers then fine, but she wasn't. She was more than likely just a peon at the company and had no significance, and they didn't want bad publicity? Then why make a big deal about it like this? I hope she sues them.
Lord_Sloth  +   1185d ago
Not sure how I feel about people getting fired for something they do in their personal life...

If she's racist, fine. She's a horrible person, whatever. If she's doing this stuff on the job site, fire her ass, but to fire her for a post she made on her own personal facebook?
MEsoJD  +   1185d ago
People need to be aware of what they post on facebook(which is never completely private). She gets all this bad publicity and the employer doesn't want any repercussions(it can hurt the boss and company). Her firing is completely understandable.
silvacrest  +   1185d ago
no sane company will knowingly hire someone who publicly calls for the presidents assassination or someone who is publicly racist
whoyouwit04  +   1185d ago
Look I can't believe that white people can't understand why we can say nigga and they can't. for one thing we always say nigga and not nigger, and two we know the emotion thats coming from that word when a black person uses it by the tone of there voice, weather it is meant to be a put down or to embrace you. for example we often refer to our friends as my nigga, thats is showing love, But if I say nigga get the f&*k out my face then obviously I intend to hurt you.
but regardless of how a white person claims they are using it we don't know how you really fill, because you all are the ones who originally use the word to insult black people, and thats all we will ever see.
CraigandDayDay  +   1185d ago
Double Standards. LoL
So you guys have freedom of speech and we don't. How would u guys feel if we told you that you are not allowed to say the word cracker but we could. Sounds dumb right? Right.

You guys are hypocritical goin around calling yourselves the very word you don't want white people to call you. It would be like Mexicans going around calling themselves "spicks" or Chinese people calling themselves "chinks."

It just doesn't make sense.

And there is no black person alive today that went through slavery. It's over with. Done. Get over yourselves.

That said, this woman is pretty stupid for saying all this. Haha. Especially the assassination part. Completely and utterly uncalled for.
whoyouwit04  +   1184d ago
look do you question girls as to why they call each other bitches, and then have a big smile on there face when they say it, but then get mad when we say it? bottom line you people need to stop hollering about freedom of speech when you use a word that has emotion behind it. now about the word bitch I mostly hear white girls call each other that so what I won't you to do is call your girl that tonight and let me know how that freedom of speech went. better yet do you know anyone who as been to prison call them a bitch and see wont you have to fight for your life, I know cause I had to find out the hard way. And as for you whites calling each other crackers go head, but have you ever been called a cracker by a black man if you have I bet he wasn't smiling, I could break this whole cracker thing down and write a book about it so I'm not going to get into that, Anyways this is what I wan't you to do since you think it is ok to say nigga tell me were the word originally come from and what does it mean, now I'm talking about NIGGA not NIGGER two different words and meanings.

And o yea if you say nigga came from rap thats true but do you know who was the first to use it
hence were it originated. now if you can tell me that you won't get any more complaints from me on this site.
CraigandDayDay  +   1184d ago
My point is that if we shouldn't say it, then no one should say it. No one should use the word. It's not right and just plain backwards for y'all to use a derogatory word that y'all do not like towards each other. It doesn't make sense.

And nigga and nigger are the SAME word, man. That's splitting hairs. That's like saying the words "ass" and "arse" have two different meanings or that "damn" and "dang" have two different meanings.
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