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Naver to challenge YouTube dominance in South Korea

1d 13h ago - The internet company laid out its future global strategy at Connect 2015 in Seoul last Tuesday --... | Web

YouTube Says It'll Offer Legal Protection Of Up To $1 Million For Select Video Creators Facing DMCA

7d ago - TC: "YouTube announced this morning plans to up its efforts in protecting video creators from... | Web

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

360fly Announces YouTube Sharing Abilities

7d ago - VRFocus reports on single-lens 360 degree video camera company 360fly, announcing YouTube sharing... | Web

YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Kids: What's the difference?

11d ago - With the recent launch of YouTube Music, we now have four different YouTube apps. YouTube's becom... | Software

YouTube streams less lucrative than vinyl sales for UK labels, says BPI boss

12d ago - The boss of British music industry body the BPI has claimed UK labels make less money from YouTub... | Industry

A YouTube video that claims Facebook is 'stealing billions of views' is going viral

12d ago - A YouTube video that accuses Facebook of "stealing billions of views" is going viral and receivin... | Culture

YouTube Launches Its Long-Awaited Music App

12d ago - You’ve probably been watching music videos on YouTube since its inception. The platform has also... | Audio

This is how Facebook is stealing billions of views from YouTube

15d ago - Facebook just announced 8 billion video views per day. This number is made out of lies, cheating... | Web

Facebook v YouTube: Fighting for views

20d ago - More than eight billion videos are now viewed on Facebook every day, according to the social netw... | Web

YouTube bolts into next phase of virtual reality with 3D video

20d ago - The world's largest video site dives further into VR in a big way. It's letting you step into new... | Web

YouTube's new subscription service is live

26d ago - YouTube Red is a US exclusive at the moment, and there hasn't been an announcement of when it wil... | Software

YouTube to launch subscription service

35d ago - YouTube is to launch a subscription service offering original, exclusive videos - including featu... | Web

Facebook readies fresh assault on YouTube

39d ago - Facebook is testing a new video section on its platform. The feature appears on both the web and... | Web

Twitch wants to snatch YouTube’s audience — without sacrificing its soul

54d ago - In front of a crowd of enthusiasts adorned in purple swag, veteran streamer and Twitch community... | Industry

Comcast Officially Launches Its “Watchable” YouTube Competitor

56d ago - Chris Morran of Consumerist writes: Back in August, we mentioned that Comcast was working on some... | Web

YouTube Is Prepping Its Subscription Launch: Two Services, One Price

58d ago - Recode: YouTube, which spent the first 10 years of its life as a free service, is getting ready t... | Web

Google starts punishing AdBlock users with unskippable YouTube video ads

80d ago - Advert blocking extensions are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet, and websites that r... | Web

How To: Remotely control YouTube TV with your Android phone

92d ago - There’s nothing new about YouTube TV as the service has been available before Chromecast. Sure yo... | Software

Google launches YouTube Gaming Wednesday

92d ago - Launching August 26 from Google is YouTube Gaming, a direct competitor to online video games spec... | Web

Compression app Opera Max now saves data while you watch YouTube and Netflix

98d ago - TechSpot: The Opera Max data management app has been updated and is now compatible with Netflix a... | Web

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Comcast is about to launch a major video platform called Watchable to rival Facebook and Google

102d ago - Comcast is preparing to launch a major new video platform with content from big-name partners in... | Industry

CNN & CBC Sued For Pirating 31 Second YouTube Video

103d ago - CNN and Canada's CBC are being sued after the pair allegedly ripped a 31 second video from YouTub... | Culture

Google Official Blog: G Is For Google

107d ago - Google has unveiled a surprise restructuring, creating a new parent company called Alphabet Inc.... | Industry

Google asked to police stolen webcam videos on YouTube

109d ago - BBC: YouTube should do more to police and remove video clips made using hijacked webcams, say dig... | Culture

YouTube’s Video Views Counter Will No Longer Get Stuck At 301+

111d ago - Gone are the days of the baffling “301+” views on popular YouTube videos: the company says it’s r... | Video
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