A Mozilla program manager says Google is slowing down YouTube for anyone not using Chrome

If you’re used to getting your daily dose of YouTube videos through Mozilla’s Firefox or Microsoft’s Edge browsers, we’ve got some bad news for you. It seems that Google might be slowing down those videos in a deliberate attempt to have you switch to the company’s Chrome browser.

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MarcoGT235d ago

It goes slow sometimes even using chrome and I checked instantly to see I was getting 212 mbps speed so wasn't my problem

fr0sty235d ago

I have gigabit fiber and youtube still buffers a lot at 4K.

annoyedgamer235d ago

Why hasnt anyone started up an alternative for Youtube as yet?

blackblades235d ago

If you talking about, video service then they are some just not as popular which I doubt there will be one this day and age. Anyways I watch you tube from the app on nvidia shield or phone no browser involved.

FlameWater235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Monopolization is a key strategy for the elite

boing1235d ago

No one has the money. YouTube costs Google 1-2 millions daily.

plmkoh235d ago

I've noticed ever since Youtube was bought out by Google it has slowed down every year since despite bandwidth of connection growing.

Cobra951235d ago

This might be pure BS. Read the story.

Parasyte234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

Makes sense. I think they may be doing it for Twitch as well. Lately, every time I have tried to watch a stream on Twitch or Youtube with Firefox, it is constantly buffering.

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