The 10 Most Disliked YouTube Videos Of All Time

There are a lot of great videos on YouTube. You can find comedy videos, interactive games, high definition podcasts, and even those that teach you things like science and card tricks. You can find YouTube videos by everything from what channel they fall in to what country they’re in, and we can’t forget about those viral videos that pop up every now and then. There are even websites like Devour and 12Vid that are dedicated to picking out the very best YouTube videos.

Everyone always talks about the most liked, or most popular, videos on YouTube, but which ones have received the most dislikes?

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rataranian2562d ago

Interesting how the article lists all these POP music icons that are out right now. Is this list about most hated youtube videos or most hated music videos?

toaster2562d ago

Just videos in general, but the music industry today is so far down the crapper that the most disliked videos on the net are of music videos.

Downtown boogey2562d ago

I fondly remember the 60s when youtube only had good music.
THEN all people liked the same kind of music as well, so no-one Disliked things that others Liked.

NBT912562d ago

That Friday song gets like 20+ more dislikes dislikes during the time it takes to listen to it, and nearly 100 comments.

MiloGarret2562d ago

And she gets richer by the second...

-MD-2562d ago

She's already rich. The money she did make off it she just donated right away to her school.

jwalkerz2562d ago

the title of the article should be change to "youtube video I dislike" the only video people dislike on ur list is black friday and thats it.

and everyone love the charlie bit my finger video^^

swishman2562d ago

metal is where its at these days

rawrockkillz2562d ago

...and folk. Mumford & Sons FTW!

Speed-Racer2562d ago

Well the article may hate on the videos, but indirectly they are making them even richer. Go on hating.

thinking2562d ago

yeah that's nuts. the more people hate and go out their way to express it, the more exposure these things get

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