Friday No More: Rebecca Black Takes Down Her Hit YouTube Video

It’s a black day for Friday fans, as Rebecca Black’s “Friday” has been taken down due to a “copyright claim by Rebecca Black.”

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xDaRkModEx2530d ago

Nooo!! I genuinely liked it! FML

noxeven2530d ago

Who is this and why should i care

BubbleSniper2530d ago

she's a 13 year old who, rumor has it, got breast implants after she made some money off her video "Friday"

either that, or she is developing VERY fast.

Deadman_Senji2530d ago

She made money off that song? I can't honestly fathom how or why.

michass82530d ago

Brest implants... 13 years old... is it only me or it is a bit unusual :)

xTruthx2530d ago

She got a lot of money for that video. You tube pays for videos with traffic and that one had a lot

Speed-Racer2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

But the original producing company took a significant bit of her initial profits.

I heard she was making a second video. Hope she burns the original copy in a fire.

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nopunctuation2530d ago

Now we just need just bieber to realize that he sucks.

newn4gguy2530d ago

Lol. You mad, bro? He's so much more successful than you, he gets hot girls, and can play like ten instruments extremely well. :)

CanadianTurtle2530d ago

Lol, she couldn't take it anymore

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The story is too old to be commented.