YouTube close to launching Paid Subscriptions; more trouble for cable companies

Vyralize: YouTube is set to launch an à la carte paid subscription service for some of YouTube’s specialist video channels.

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Vyralize1815d ago

Sounds reasonable imo! Much better than paying for an entire plan and not watching half the crap on TV.

M-M1815d ago

People like you are one of the reasons why Youtube is going down the drain.

FlyingFoxy1815d ago

Soon it'll be increasingly difficult for newer users to get a good amount of views on their video's. It's just getting easier for the people who are already well known there.. another downside to YouTube.

SilentNegotiator1815d ago

People don't go on Youtube to PAY to watch videos.

Thatguy-3101815d ago

Exactly. I would understand for some content but heck why would I pay to watch videos that other people Make? O.o

shadowraiden1815d ago

why would you pay to watch videos other people make hmm do you not watch TV? your watching video footage another person has made there etc

and from what ive heard the subscription model aint going to stop you watching the video it will just make it so that you dont have to watch adverts to watch that video so it will be a similar system to how and most likely.

MikeMyers1815d ago

Perhaps they will if it offers premium content. If they had HBO for example I'd pay for it if it was in HD.

SilentNegotiator1815d ago

I guess I can see that. I was just thinking about how Youtube used to be about user made videos.

GraveLord1814d ago

If they somehow combined Hulu and Netflix into one, I'd gladly pay for this. Pay Per Video? No thanks.

kingPoS1815d ago

Time to bust out dem rippers before it's too late... (goes to get more mozilla addons)

RockmanII71815d ago

I wonder if people will start torrenting youtube videos if the more popular people start charging a monthly fee.

steve30x1815d ago

I will stop using youtube if I have to pay to watch the channels I subscribed to.

shadowraiden1815d ago

where does it say you will HAVE to pay in order to watch the content it doesn't it just states there will be a subscription model most likely added.

steve30x1815d ago

Which also means IGN and Gamespot and other big channels that I am subscribed to will most likely use the subscription model. Where did logic stop with you?

KwietStorm1814d ago

But IGN and Gamespot's videos come from their websites. How could they charge to subscribe to them on YouTube?

steve30x1814d ago

Because they have videos on youtube too

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