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Should We Search For Life On Mars Before Sending Astronauts?

2d ago - Mars has water. Not just ice and snow, but liquid, flowing water. It’s salty and scant, but water... | Culture

Why Curiosity can't touch that Mars water

5d ago - An analysis of the water on Mars may have to wait until NASA's human Mars mission in the 2030s. | Culture

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NASA Eyeing Venus, Asteroids for Next Low-Cost Robotic Mission

6d ago - NASA is zeroing in on Venus and asteroids as potential targets for its next low-cost robotic expl... | Culture

NASA Tests Lunar Rover Prototype with Eye Toward Flying Real Thing

6d ago - The prototype of a rover designed to search for water ice at the poles of the moon passed a serie... | Culture

NASA and ESA Will Move A Small Moon By Slamming A Spacecraft Into It

7d ago - Mary Beth Griggs of Popular Science writes: We've smashed into the moon, and bounced onto a comet... | Culture

Oddly Gigantic Supermassive Black Hole Puzzles Scientists

8d ago - The supermassive black hole at the heart of a recently discovered galaxy is much larger than it s... | Culture

NASA Discovers Evidence for Liquid Water on Mars

9d ago - For years, scientists have known that Mars has ice locked away within its rusty exterior. More el... | Culture

Life-Hunting Mission Would Bring Samples Back from Saturn Moon Enceladus

16d ago - In the not-too-distant future, a spacecraft could deliver samples from an alien ocean to Earth,... | Culture

NASA partners with Elon Musk for ‘Red Dragon’ mission to Mars

22d ago - "Elon Musk’s interest for Mars is well known by now, which is why the SpaceX and Tesla boss is pa... | Hi-tech

New Antenna Could Give Mars Rovers a Direct Line to Earth

22d ago - Talking to rovers on the surface of Mars could become much easier, thanks to a new type of antenn... | Culture

NASA’s 4k TV channel: What is it and why you should watch it

22d ago - TechU4ria writes: With space pioneers of NASA announcing a new addition to their television netwo... | Services

NASA TV is launching a dedicated 4K channel

23d ago - NASA has announced that it will launch a new 4K television channel dedicated to showing UHD foota... | Video

Hopping 'Hedgehog' Robot Could Explore Comets and Asteroids

29d ago - This summer, researchers tested two "hedgehog" robot prototypes, to get an idea of the machines'... | Culture

NASA's Europa Mission May Land on Ocean-Harboring Moon

29d ago - NASA's upcoming mission to Europa may actually touch down on the potentially life-harboring Jupit... | Culture

NASA's Laser-Communication Tech for Spacecraft Zaps Forward

32d ago - NASA spacecraft may soon be able to beam their data home to Earth blazingly fast — with lasers! | Culture

Hell On Earth: NASA Recreates Venus' Extreme Atmosphere

34d ago - Scientists interested in studying Venus, as well as other extreme places in the solar system, now... | Culture

Wild 'Hitchhiker' Spacecraft Idea Could Harpoon Comets

34d ago - A NASA spacecraft may one day sling itself from one comet or asteroid to another using a harpoon... | Hi-tech

Yearlong Mock Mars Mission Will Test Mental Toll of Isolation

36d ago - On Friday (Aug. 28), six scientists left the comforts of civilization, set to be gone for an enti... | Culture

NASA Mulling Life-Hunting Mission to Saturn Moon Enceladus

36d ago - A decade from now, NASA probes could be on their way to explore two potentially life-supporting a... | Culture

Private Space Stations Could Be a Reality by 2025

43d ago - There are strong prospects that commercial space stations will become a reality within the next 1... | Culture

Top US Releases in Cinemas This October

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Plasma Rocket Technology Receives NASA Funding Boost

44d ago - A potential advancement in the United States' electric propulsion capability for the future of sp... | Hi-tech

US-China Space Freeze May Thaw with Historic New Experiment

47d ago - A Chinese experiment is being readied for launch toward the International Space Station (ISS) in... | Culture

NASA scours retired space shuttles for spare parts

47d ago - You won’t find that in the gift shop. NASA is raiding retired space shuttles housed in museums fo... | Culture

Where Will NASA's 2020 Mars Rover Land?

47d ago - NASA's next Mars rover may touch down in a big crater called Jezero. The 28-mile-wide (45 kilo... | Culture

NASA Orders 2 More Space Station Cargo Missions from Orbital ATK

47d ago - NASA ordered two more cargo deliveries to the International Space Station from Orbital ATK under... | Hi-tech
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