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Mirror Installation Complete for NASA's Next Space Telescope

6h ago - The biggest-ever space telescope is now one major step closer to completion. | Space

The audacious rescue plan that might have saved space shuttle Columbia

8h ago - The untold story of the rescue mission that could have been NASA's finest hour. | Software developer

N4G Game of the Year Awards Nomination Contest

Now - Help us create our Game of the Year nominee list and you could win one of five $100 Amazon Gift Cards. | Promoted post

The Moon or Mars? NASA Must Pick One Goal for Astronauts, Experts Tell Congress

9h ago - NASA can't afford to put humans on Mars while also pursuing missions to put astronauts back on th... | Hi-tech

Did Anti-Chemtrail Hackers Break Into NASA’s Drone?

9h ago - It starts with a metaphorical open door. According to files posted on the text sharing website Pa... | Software developer

CubeSats Are Bound For The Planets

1d 8h ago - NASA's Mars Insight mission will carry a pair of CubeSats to relay data back to Earth in the firs... | Hi-tech

NASA's Next Great Space Telescope: The Quest Begins

1d 9h ago - The hunt is on! NASA has begun a quest to select its next big instrument to study the cosmos. | NASA

Stardust Brought Back Comet Pieces 10 Years Ago

2d ago - On a January morning 10 years ago, tiny pieces of a comet landed on Earth inside of a spacecraft... | Hi-tech

The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster: What Happened? (Infographic)

2d ago - Chart details the causes of the destruction of Challenger on Jan. 28, 1986. | Culture

NASA’s Super Guppy Gives Mars-Bound Spacecraft A Lift

2d ago - Today the Orion capsule, NASA’s spacecraft designed to bring humans to Mars, starts its next phas... | Hi-tech

NASA Picks Tiny Satellites to Ride on Giant Rocket's 1st Flight

2d ago - 13 research microsatellites will blast to space on NASA's Space Launch System's first flight in 2... | Hi-tech

NanoRacks presses ahead with private airlock

2d ago - Thursday's briefing begins with NanoRacks pressing ahead with plans for a private airlock on the... | Hardware manufacturer

NASA Is Running Out Of Plutonium For Spacecraft, But A New Plan Could Help

2d ago - NASA is running out of plutonium. The space agency uses Pu-238 to fuel many of its deep space mis... | Hi-tech

SpaceX Falcon 9 Upgrade launch delay raises concern

2d ago - SpaceX’s silence on the schedule delays of its Falcon 9 Upgrade rocket is causing ripples of conc... | Hi-tech

30 Years After Uranus Flyby, Voyager 2 Sails On

3d ago - Humanity got its first up-close look at an exotic, pale-blue world 30 years ago this week. | Hi-tech

NASA Engineers Tapped to Build First Integrated-Photonics Modem

4d ago - A NASA team has been tapped to build a new type of communications modem that will employ an emerg... | Hi-tech

NASA's New Planetary Defense Office Gets to Work Protecting Earth

4d ago - A new NASA organization dedicated to protecting Earth from dangerous asteroids has hit the ground... | Hi-tech

NASA & Fusion's Mars 2030 Also Coming to PSVR and Vive

5d ago - VRFocus reports on the news that NASA and Fusion Media's Mars 2030 experience will be coming to t... | Software developer

Pluto's Surface Has a Surprising Amount of Water Ice

5d ago - Pluto's surface harbors a surprising amount of water ice, a new map of the dwarf planet reveals. | Hardware manufacturer

Fungi Survive Mars-Like Conditions On Space Station

5d ago - Some hardy Earth organisms may be able to survive on Mars, a new study suggests. | Hi-tech

Seeing Is Believing: Enormous Shuttle Program Artifact Inspires Wonder

5d ago - A new exhibit lets visitors walk inside the aircraft that ferried the space shuttle around the Un... | Culture

SpaceX Tests Parachutes That Will Bring Astronauts Back To Earth

7d ago - Today, NASA released footage from one of SpaceX’s final certification tests required under the Co... | NASA

NASA's Opportunity rover celebrates 12th anniversary on Mars

8d ago - The Opportunity Mars rover is celebrating 12 years on Mars. When the Opportunity made its Mars l... | NASA

NASA Officially Cautious About 'Planet Nine' | Video

15d ago - The space agency is taking a ‘wait and see’ stance on indications of a ninth planet in our solar... | Culture

NASA's Stardust Sample Return was 10 Years Ago

15d ago - The sample return capsule from NASA's Stardust mission successfully landed at the U.S. Air Force'... | Hi-tech

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Breaks Record As Humanity's Most Distant Solar-Powered Explorer

17d ago - NRM: "NASA launched the Juno mission to Jupiter in 2011, and now it has broken the record to beco... | Culture
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