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NASA to test energy-producing bacteria in space

13h ago - If successful, astronauts could produce food while still in orbit | Culture

A full work day on Pluto would be a killer

6d ago - TheVerge : The next time you experience the day that just won't end, be thankful you're not exper... | Hi-tech

See what games are coming out in 2016

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NASA's chemical laptop would help find life on other planets

6d ago - NASA may have just the device to find that concrete evidence, though. Its newly tested Chemica... | Gadgets

NASA Wants to Make a C-3PO to Help Colonize Mars, But That May Not Be a Super Idea

9d ago - What is your favorite space robot? How about stalwart Opportunity, still doing Martian science 11... | Culture

Private Companies Will Help NASA Get to Mars, Space Agency Chief Says

9d ago - Work needs to be done by commercial companies to take up the responsibility of supporting science... | Culture

Where Will the 1st Astronauts on Mars Land?

10d ago - Where should humanity set up its first-ever outpost on Mars? The ideal Red Planet crewed site... | Culture

NASA Teams Up With Universities to Prep Robots for Space Exploration

10d ago - Two university groups have been selected to help upgrade NASA robots that could one day explore d... | Culture

What Happens If the Curiosity Rover Finds Life on Mars?

12d ago - A deep-dive on whether we can handle the implications of such a discovery. | Culture

Attempt no landing there? Yeah right—we’re going to Europa

13d ago - NASA is very publicly planning a mission to Europa in the 2020s, one that will soar over the intr... | Culture

NASA, Russia working together again on a mission to explore Venus

13d ago - After more than a year on ice due to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, NASA and Russia’s Space Rese... | Culture

NASA: Stretch Marks Suggest Doom For Mars Moon

13d ago - New research suggests the Red Planet's largest satellite, Phobos, is being slowly pulled apart by... | Culture

10 stunning space missions you've never heard of

14d ago - Techradar: 2015 has been a great year for space exploration. Astronomers landed the Philae pro... | Hi-tech

Smithsonian Seeking Space Fans to Retype Apollo Spacecraft Packing Lists

14d ago - Are you a fan of the Apollo moon landings? Are you curious about all of the different types of it... | Culture

Donald Trump tells 10-year-old that ‘space is terrific’ but potholes are more important

15d ago - Asked by a 10-year-old at a New Hampshire campaign event Wednesday about NASA, Trump responded “I... | Culture

The Red Weapon 6K Camera Shoots For The Stars

16d ago - What does a Hollywood legend like James Cameron have in common with a bunch of scientists on the... | Culture

3 Months of Carbon Dioxide Measured From Space (Time Lapse Video)

17d ago - NASA Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2, launched in July 2014 , measures global atmospheric carbon di... | Hi-tech

Space junk: What happens when it crashes back to Earth?

17d ago - Every week, some long-dead piece of space gimcrackery comes hurtling down from Earth's orbit -- a... | Hi-tech

NASA's Innovative Drone Glider Prototype Aces Test Flight

18d ago - A remotely piloted aircraft achieved an important research milestone last month when a subscale... | Hi-tech

Here's everything that New Horizons has discovered about Pluto so far

18d ago - Since whizzing past Pluto back on July 14, Nasa's New Horizons probe has sent back a wealth of da... | Culture

Inside The NASA Mission To Answer 'What Is Life?'

19d ago - Matthew Francis of the Huffington Post writes: “Why would NASA want to study a lake in Canada?” T... | Culture

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Cloud control to Major Tom: NASA's space missions are going 'cloud native'

20d ago - Pioneering the cloud for storing, analysing and processing big data from deep space. | Hi-tech

Spacewalking Astronauts Tackle 'High-Flying Plumbing' Job on Space Station

21d ago - Two American astronauts took a marathon spacewalk on Friday, spending nearly eight hours outside... | Hi-tech

It’s not rocket science: we need a better way to get to space

23d ago - Human beings will always be explorers. We’ve pretty well surveyed our planet, our tiny blue dot,... | Hi-tech

Dramatic New Photos of Antares Launch Failure

23d ago - Intense Antares rocket explosion shown in newly released NASA photos. | Hi-tech

NASA’s MAVEN Project: Revealing what happened to Mars’ atmosphere

23d ago - NASA's MAVEN Project helps us to understand what exactly happened to Mars' atmosphere. See what N... | Culture
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