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Yearlong Mock Mars Mission Will Test Mental Toll of Isolation

4h ago - On Friday (Aug. 28), six scientists left the comforts of civilization, set to be gone for an enti... | Culture

NASA Mulling Life-Hunting Mission to Saturn Moon Enceladus

20h ago - A decade from now, NASA probes could be on their way to explore two potentially life-supporting a... | Culture

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Private Space Stations Could Be a Reality by 2025

7d ago - There are strong prospects that commercial space stations will become a reality within the next 1... | Culture

Plasma Rocket Technology Receives NASA Funding Boost

8d ago - A potential advancement in the United States' electric propulsion capability for the future of sp... | Hi-tech

US-China Space Freeze May Thaw with Historic New Experiment

11d ago - A Chinese experiment is being readied for launch toward the International Space Station (ISS) in... | Culture

NASA scours retired space shuttles for spare parts

11d ago - You won’t find that in the gift shop. NASA is raiding retired space shuttles housed in museums fo... | Culture

Where Will NASA's 2020 Mars Rover Land?

11d ago - NASA's next Mars rover may touch down in a big crater called Jezero. The 28-mile-wide (45 kilo... | Culture

NASA Orders 2 More Space Station Cargo Missions from Orbital ATK

11d ago - NASA ordered two more cargo deliveries to the International Space Station from Orbital ATK under... | Hi-tech

Astronaut Captures Spectacular Time-Lapse Videos of Earth from Space

11d ago - As Scott Kelly sails on through a yearlong mission in orbit, the veteran NASA astronaut has beame... | Hi-tech

Neon Found on the Moon

14d ago - The moon doesn't have any gaudy casinos or buzzing diner signs, but it does have neon. NASA's... | Culture

Ride shotgun with New Horizons in this video of the Pluto flyby

16d ago - One month ago today, the New Horizons spacecraft completed a 3-billion-mile journey across the So... | Culture

Floods & Drought: NASA Satellites Map 'Tale of 2 Countries' in US

17d ago - Floods ravage Texas while drought parches California. Areas of the Midwest get as much as 6 feet... | Culture

Jupiter's Great Red Spot May Yield Its Colorful Secret in a Lab

17d ago - NASA scientists are trying to find what makes Jupiter's Great Red Spot red — by whipping it up in... | Culture

Gecko Feet Inspire Climbing Space Robots

17d ago - NASA robots may climb the walls of the International Space Station one day using gripp... | Hi-tech

NASA is asking the public to design smartwatch apps for its astronauts

17d ago - NASA is looking to capitalize on the growing smartwatch trend, and it needs your help to do so. T... | Culture

Watch NASA's Deep Space Engine Roar To Life In Test-Fire

18d ago - Mankind could leave its first footprints on Mars sometime in the 2030s. And if we want to get the... | Culture

Scientists study nitrogen provision for Pluto's atmosphere

18d ago - Data from the NASA New Horizons Mission hint that Pluto may still be geologically active, a theor... | Culture

NASA Offers Rocket Rides for Tiny Cubesats

18d ago - NASA aims to get many more tiny cubesats to space in the coming years. The space agency just o... | Culture

Does Europa Have 2X Earth's Liquid Water? Very Likely! | NASA Video

18d ago - With a cracked, ridge-ridden, salty crust of ice, very few craters and a string, shifting magneti... | Culture

Google is testing drones in US airspace by piggybacking on Nasa exemption

19d ago - The Guardian: Documents show the tech company has skirted regulations for private firms for a yea... | Gadgets

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We flew a simulated 747 at NASA and didn’t crash or barf | Ars Technica

20d ago - Ars takes a tour of NASA facilities that research better ways to fly. | Culture

How Much Contamination is OK on NASA's Mars 2020 Rover?

20d ago - Astrobiology Magazine: When the Mars 2020 rover arrives on the Red Planet, one of its primary mis... | Hi-tech

The Mystery of Dwarf Planet Ceres' Missing Craters

21d ago - Planetary scientists have a new mystery to investigate: Ceres, a dwarf planet that orbits the sun... | Culture

NASA Contest Offers $25,000 for Earthquake Detection Ideas

22d ago - NASA needs your help to bolster current earthquake detection technologies, and they’re offering $... | Culture

NASA is building prospecting drones to look for resources on Mars

27d ago - TheVerge: "Establishing a permanent base on another planet is going to be insanely difficult, but... | Hi-tech
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