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NASA is testing an autonomous Martian helicopter

1d 8h ago - Drones are everywhere these days. They're under Christmas trees. They're at the X-Games. They're... | Hi-tech

NASA's Kepler Telescope Discovers The Most 'Earth-Like' Planets Ever

20d ago - NRM: "Astronomers announced that they have found eight new exoplanets using NASA's Kepler Telesco... | Culture

NASA Proposes Sending Humans To The Skies Of Venus

36d ago - NRM: "NASA scientists have created a study proposing humans go colonise Venus. However, since the... | Culture

Curiosity Rover Finds First Signs Of Potential Life On Mars

40d ago - NRM: "NASA's Curiosity Rover has detected the first signs of organic matter in the form of large... | Culture

Filmwatch Contest Details

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NASA to receive more money than it requested for 2015

45d ago - NASA is poised to see an increased budget for 2015, after the House of Representatives passed a b... | Culture

NASA has successfully created the first 3D printed object in space

59d ago - Slipping the bonds of gravity is not cheap, so NASA has to account for every bit of mass it sends... | Culture

How NASA will launch four spacecraft at once to study magnetic fields

62d ago - NASA has been planning to study the magnetic reconnection between the Earth and the sun for years... | Industry

NASA re-supply rocket explodes 6 seconds after launch

90d ago - Launching rockets into space always has its share of failure even after countless hours of double... | Hi-tech

Highly unexpected methane clouds sighted in Titan's stratosphere

91d ago - Nasa scientists have recently identified an unexpected high-altitude methane ice cloud on Saturn'... | Culture

NASA spacecraft provides first look at upper Mars atmosphere

103d ago - NASA's Maven spacecraft has given scientists their first glimpse of the mysterious upper atmosphe... | Culture

Spooky Skies: NASA Releases Image of Jack-o'-Lantern Sun

104d ago - USA Today: NASA gave us a treat for Halloween: a jack-o'-lantern sun. The image, taken on O... | Culture

NuSTAR Discovers Impossibly Bright Dead Star

108d ago - Astronomers working with NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR), led by Caltech's... | Culture

NASA Needs to Adopt This Cool New Logo

141d ago - NASA has put men on the moon, but it couldn’t stick the landing when it came to designing a logo... | Industry

New High-Def Video Of NASA's "Flying Saucer" Test Will Blow You Away

169d ago - NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has just released never-before-seen video footage shot from came... | Hi-tech

Hoverboards can finally become a reality using NASA's microwave space drive

169d ago - Pocket Lint - NASA recently announced that the EmDrive, which uses microwaves to create thrust, i... | Hi-tech

Google’s new Chrome Experiment tells the story of a unique spacecraft

170d ago - Google has launched a new Chrome Experiment focused on ISEE-3, a small NASA spacecraft that has r... | Web

10 questions about Nasa's 'impossible' space drive answered

171d ago -'s piece last week about Nasa's test of a new type of space drive triggered a tsunami... | Culture

NASA Confirms "Impossible" Propellant-free Microwave Thruster for Spacecraft Works!

174d ago - Designs for a device called a microwave thruster, which could power spacecraft without the need f... | Culture

NASA Mars Curiosity Rover: Two Years and Counting on Red Planet

174d ago - During its first year of operations, the Curiosity rover fulfilled its major science goal of dete... | Culture

Australian scientist Abigail Allwood first woman to lead project team for life on Mars

176d ago - An Australian scientist has become the first woman and the first Australian to lead a team that w... | Culture

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Nasa validates 'impossible' space drive

178d ago - Nasa is a major player in space science, so when a team from the agency this week presents eviden... | Hi-tech

NASA reveals plans for next Mars rover

178d ago - NASA's next Mars rover will feature state-of-the-art science and technology instruments, includin... | Hi-tech

NASA Probes Record Sounds In Space – And It’s Terrifying.

179d ago - Despite what you’ve heard, there are actual sounds in space. Due to the virtual vacuum in spac... | Culture

Life on the ISS as seen through social media

180d ago - Being hip to PR is certainly part of the job description for NASA astronauts, but some are especi... | Culture

NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity Breaks Off-World Driving Record

181d ago - NASA's Opportunity rover on Mars has now boldly gone farther than any vehicle has before on the s... | Hi-tech
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