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Everyone But NASA Wants To Wake Up This Long-Dormant Spacecraft

1d 1h ago - Where organizations lose their interest—which is to say, funding—the crowd is there to step in. I... | Culture

Nasa images suggest that Saturn is about to ‘give birth’ to a new moon

1d 18h ago - New images from Nasa's Cassini-Huygens space probe suggest that Saturn may be in the process of f... | Culture

NASA must immediately cease contact with Russia

12d ago - A leaked memo from NASA HQ this morning instructs NASA employees and contractors to sever communi... | Culture

Facebook Will Use Drones, Satellites And Lasers To Deliver The Internet To Everyone

20d ago - Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitious plan is part of – a Facebook-backed initiative involving... | Industry

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NASA Opens Public Vote for Next-Gen Spacesuit Design

23d ago - NASA has offered up three different designs for the public to choose for the next-gen spacesuit's... | Hi-tech

Nasa-funded study warns of 'collapse of civilisation' in coming decades

31d ago - The Times of India - Modern civilisation is heading for collapse within a matter of decades becau... | Culture

NASA recorded how North Korea looks from space

36d ago - Nerdoholic- Than 24 million inhabitants, only in the capital can be seen. That is North Korea in... | Culture

NASA Will Pay You to Help Hunt Down Asteroids

36d ago - Wired-NASA is calling on coders to help in the hunt for potentially dangerous asteroids. Over the... | Culture

Asteroid strikes Mars, makes this incredible starburst design

70d ago - L.A. Times: NASA's HiRISE mission has spotted a crater on Mars that is dazzling and so new that j... | Culture

International Space Station will soon contain the coldest spot in the known universe

72d ago - Geek- Space has a reputation for being cold — frigid even, but the tremendous chill of deep space... | Culture

NASA: 2 places on Mars could have been habitable

81d ago - CNN- Two NASA rovers are about 5,200 miles apart on the surface of Mars and will likely never meet. | Culture

Mystery white rock inexplicably appears near NASA Mars rover

84d ago - Reuters - Scientists are stumped as to how a rock mysteriously appeared in images taken two weeks... | Culture

NASA Combining Microsoft Kinect with Robotics

102d ago - Aggressive Gaming It is not uncommon for scientist and engineers to be gamers, but apparently... | Gaming

NASA Reportedly Designing Futuristic Wheel-Free Mars Rover

110d ago - Science Recorder: From the time of cavemen and cavewomen, people have used wheels to transport... | Hi-tech

NASA’s Deep Space Network Celebrates 50th Anniversary

112d ago - TechnoBuffalo: "NASA’s Deep Space Network, which is used to communicate with satellites such as t... | Hi-tech

Will Mars Have a White Christmas?

113d ago - Discovery: There will be a white Christmas on Mars, say scientists studying how much of the Marti... | Culture

Spacesuit Issue Delays Next Spacewalk Until Christmas Eve

116d ago - NASA has delayed the second of three planned holiday spacewalks by 24 hours, setting u... | Culture

Sun Will 'Flip Upside Down' Within Weeks, Says Nasa

118d ago - Independent: The sun is set to “flip upside down” within weeks as its magnetic field reverses... | Culture

Meteor Slams Moon, Creates 59-Foot-Wide Crater: Before and After Video

119d ago - Livescience - A 1.3 foot wide space rock, traveling at 56,000 MPH, collided with the lunar surfac... | Culture

NASA Postpones Orbital Launch, Sets Spacewalks to Repair Faulty Pump Module

119d ago - NASA: NASA managers are postponing the upcoming Orbital Sciences commercial cargo resupply mis... | Hi-tech

Cassini Spots Mosaic of Titanic Extraterrestrial Seas

121d ago - The Conversation The joint NASA-ESA Cassini space probe, exploring Saturn and her moons, has r... | Hi-tech

NASA Troubleshooting Delays ISS Resupply Mission

121d ago - Florida Today The next launch of supplies to the International Space Station has been delayed... | Hi-tech

Amazon's Jeff Bezos Loses Nasa Launch Pad Protest

124d ago - BBC News: A space company run by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has lost a protest over Nasa's plans t... | Industry

NASA says ozone hole stabilizing but won't fully recover until 2070

124d ago - LA Times- The hole in the ozone layer is stabilizing but will take until about 2070 to fully reco... | Hi-tech

Hubble discovers water vapour ejections from Jupiter’s moon Europa

125d ago - Vyralize: NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has discovered ejections of water vapor at the southern e... | Culture
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