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On Pluto's Doorstep: Latest Photos by New Horizons Probe

2h ago - NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is less than two weeks away from the first-ever flyby... | Hi-tech

Houston, We Have a Spaceport: FAA Gives 'Space City' License for Launches

16h ago - The Houston airport where astronauts have departed on training flights for more than 50 years is... | Culture

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Tiny Glider Could Cruise Through Martian Skies

16h ago - A tiny aircraft could be plying Mars' skies less than a decade from now. NASA researchers are dev... | Culture

New Horizons Spots Methane Ice on Pluto

16h ago - With less than two weeks until its historic close encounter with Pluto, NASA's New Horizons probe... | Culture

Pluto Probe's Hazard Search Turns Up No New Moons

16h ago - The coast looks clear for a NASA spacecraft's historic Pluto flyby less than two weeks from now.... | Culture

'Spit of Satan' Solar Flare Seen In Extreme Ultraviolet Light | Video

1d 2h ago - Over about 4 hours on June 18th 2015, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured a developing fla... | Culture

Pluto Has Strange 'Finger Print-Like' Marks In New Color Imagery

1d 6h ago - The latest New Horizons' data pouring into NASA servers on Earth has returned color... | Hi-tech

Astronomers predict fireworks from a close encounter of the stellar kind

1d 6h ago - Astronomers are predicting a close encounter between a stellar remnant the size of a city and one... | Culture

SpaceX rocket supplying space station explodes after Florida launch

5d ago - Reuters: CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - An unmanned SpaceX rocket exploded about two minutes after li... | Hi-tech

NASA Researcher Develops Model that Could Quiet Down Noisy Helicopters

6d ago - If you live in a relatively well-populated area, you've probably experienced it — the noisy whop-... | Culture

NASA explains why June 30 will get extra second

7d ago - The day will officially be a bit longer than usual on Tuesday, June 30, 2015, because an extra se... | Culture

HoloLens Heading to International Space Station as Microsoft Partners with NASA

9d ago - VRFocus - Microsoft has already talked about working with NASA on its HoloLens mixed reality (MR)... | Gadgets

Planet Mars behaving like a rock star

9d ago - If planets had personalities, Mars would be a rock star according to recent preliminary results f... | Culture

How NASA Could Explore Jupiter Moon Europa's Ocean

9d ago - Europa is an ice-covered moon orbiting Jupiter that likely hosts an undergound ocean. Perhaps tha... | Culture

Ceres' Odd Bright Spots Coming Into Focus (Photos)

9d ago - NASA's Dawn spacecraft has beamed home the best-ever photo of the mysterious bright spots that sp... | Culture

NASA simulation suggests black holes may make ideal dark matter labs

10d ago - A new NASA computer simulation shows that dark matter particles colliding in the extreme gravity... | Culture

The Righter Stuff: Test Pilots Give Way to New NASA Culture

11d ago - Steely-nerved test pilots were the first men in space, but that isn't what you always want on a l... | Culture

Mars camera makes 60,000 orbits of Red Planet

12d ago - Next week, a visual and infrared camera designed at Arizona State University will pass 60,000 orb... | Culture

NASA Moves Forward With Mission To Explore Jupiter’s Moon Europa

14d ago - Europa, Jupiter’s frigid moon, may not look very welcoming from the outside. But it’s what’s insi... | Culture

100GB of NASA space photos turned into epic 4K time-lapse

15d ago - It took over 95,600 NASA photo files taken from the International Space Station and a month of me... | Culture

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Orbiting 'Rest Stops' to Repair Crumbling Satellites?

15d ago - More than 1,100 satellites are orbiting the Earth right now transmitting TV shows and phone call... | Culture

Pluto just 4 weeks, 20 million miles away for spacecraft

16d ago - NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is at Pluto's doorstep, following an incredible journey of nine ye... | Culture

Tunneling Cryobot Robot May Explore Icy Moons

17d ago - A robotic "cryobot," designed to tunnel down through thick ice caps and penetrate subterranean se... | Culture

Meet ArachnobeeA, the world’s first Zero G drone

18d ago - This year NASA, in collaboration with various other Space Agencies, held its fourth annual Intern... | Gadgets

Drones are noisy, so Nasa wants to shut them up

20d ago - A prototype drone being tested by Nasa comes equipped with ten different engines in an attempt to... | Hi-tech
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