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'Remember The 13th.' Will NASA Announce A Historic Discovery?

NRM: "A website has been launched teasing NASA's "biggest discovery that will shake the Earth, it will never be the same again." Set for November 13th, but brought forward to October 6th due to a "change of plans", questions have been raised about its legitimacy." (Culture, NASA, Web)

krazykombatant  +   360d ago
found water in Mars again???
SouthClaw  +   360d ago
pluto is a planet again?
Software_Lover  +   360d ago
that would be my bet
Erudito87  +   359d ago
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   360d ago
Aliens exist :P
ooquis  +   359d ago
Or Barack Obama is an actual alien!
5eriously  +   359d ago
They actually found primitive lifeforms on Mars. We may not be alone.

ET just became real! LOL.

Edit: PS it's a scam, do not enrol your e-mail!
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