Stunning Panoramic View of Mars’ Greeley Haven

TFP: NASA has released a new and stunning color panoramic photo from its Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity.

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krauley2142d ago

agree although i dont think its worth the billions of dollars it cost to take it.

Knight_Crawler2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

@Racer X whats so amazing about that image? We can get the same dessert photos here on earth. I would understand if they showed some images of things that we dont have on earth but I am tired of seeing rocks and sand.

@krauley - millions are starving in Africa and it only takes $1 a day to feed a family but it more important to spend billions to go to Mars to see if we find oil.

Speed-Racer2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

I dunno what you wanted to see? AVP perhaps?

The fact that we're getting technology to a distant planet is a huge step in itself. Everything in small steps.

I'd also like to point out that dumping money into a poor nation may patch, but never fully cure the problem. Unless the current regimes change from a corrupt ruling lifestyle, they will never move ahead.

Soldierone2142d ago

This is why YOU are not the scientist. Its not "just" dirt and a great view, its science. They are learning about ANOTHER PLANET and if we can take any resources from it. If something comes of it, that will help the ENTIRE WORLD and not just one portion of one country.....

Thatguy-3102141d ago

just the idea of seeing what other planets look like from the actual floor is amazing !!! so no its not just some desert. It's more than that when you think pass the obvious.

Knight_Crawler2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

I expected to see some sign of life or vegetation.

Its great that we now have tech that can take us to these planets but what are we accomplishing with this...are we curing cancer or alzheimer's by going to these planets.

So becuse a country has a corrupt goverment we should just sit and watch kids starve to death...your cold man.

Also the problem of world hunger can be cured with the same reason you gave above "Small Steps" look at what Thulani Madondo a regular Joe is doing to help children in Africa.

We dont have to send millions of dollars to a country to help find a cure but we can contribute by doing small things like building wells and farming land.

Anyways your opinion is that its justified to spend billions to send a machine to space just for a few photos while millions are starving so I will just leave it that - have a good day sir, going back to N4G where at least people have a heart.

Speed-Racer2142d ago

If it were up to people like you, we'd all be under the assumption that the world was still flat. What happened to "go where no man has gone before"? The whole reason Curiosity was sent to Mars was to find if life ever existed and to study the planet's chemical elements and compounds etc. Do you expect them to find this stuff overnight given how huge Mars is and how far away it is? If you spread the cost out among all American citizens alone, it would add up to $7 per person.. which is not alot. Countries can still be saved.

You talk about curing cancer and alzheimer's. Maybe the answer to that lies on a different planet, but you are quick to rule out those missions without thinking what great things we can discover otherwise. Take off your tin foil hat for a few seconds.

Lucretia2141d ago

u were expecting life or vegetation? wtf? you obviously dont know anything about the planets in our solar system lol. they already found bacteria from mars years ago, but with no magnetic field, very little ozone layer, the planet can't support terranean life. maybe subterranean is possible though

Knight_Crawler2142d ago

People like me? You mean people who care about helping others - Maybe if everyone one in this world cared about helping each other thenit would be a better place.

America spent tons of money to send a man to the moon and what good came from that apart from braggin rights.

I understand your argument about advancing technology but with everything thats going on in the world wrong right now and millions of unemployed Americans is this really the time to be spending money like this - I hate talking politics so lets just agree to disagree : )

2142d ago
xtreampro2141d ago

Any reasonable technology that we have received that is of any benefit to us since the space program began has never helped the poor (which make up 2/3 of the world population) so yes you are right in saying those billions have been wasted.

Since these scientists are so curious about everything in space (not just Mars) they might as well spend trillions in sending millions of Curiosity like machines to all 777 exoplanets discovered up to this day.

Most of the tech that benefits us now comes from military tech which is first used to kill thousands of people before coming to us.

People using the "our resources will eventually run out" argument should be laughed at and they know very well why.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2142d ago

how you get so many bubbles? O_O

Speed-Racer2142d ago

I won the $64 million lottery.

2142d ago
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CLOUD19832142d ago

Amazing! full HD color images of another planet now that's what I am talking about :D keep them coming plz ;)

Soldierone2142d ago

This is awesome, its another friggin planet and we get to see it! I hope they find something worthwhile there, maybe a small plant or something, that will just be breath taking.

Veni Vidi Vici2141d ago

Such a waste of money.

Disagree all you want people, there are so many other ways to better spend the billions of dollars it took to get some stupid pictures and some dirt to analyze. I'd rather pay those NASA scientists to develop technology that we can actually use here on know, where we live. How in the hell does this mission help any of us?

swishersweets200312141d ago

it is a waste of money. big time. but im sure the sheep of USA love their 2.8 billion dollar pictures of areas that look like arizona.

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