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Submitted by Vyralize 1058d ago | news

Second computer glitch shuts down NASA Mars rover

Reuters: The Mars rover Curiosity has had a second computer glitch, extending an unplanned work break for the NASA robot that discovered the first life-friendly chemistry beyond Earth, scientists said on Monday. (Hi-tech, NASA)

cyclindk  +   1058d ago
Glitch... or alien interference?
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   1058d ago
But..........will it blend?
bigrob904  +   1058d ago
the same thing i was thinking. when there is a glitch it means they found alien, or proof of alien life.
cyclindk  +   1057d ago
Mars Attacks... they're coming
e3kehoe  +   1058d ago
Glitch= black opps. sure its doing exactly what its supposed to do. But its doing somthing that everyone else isnt going to see..
mushroomwig  +   1058d ago
Take that tin foil hat off, you'll give yourself a headache.
e3kehoe  +   1058d ago
Man your no fun
RE_L_MAYER  +   1058d ago
Nasa cant build shit...all our taxes wasted end of discussion
Trenta27  +   1058d ago
Why don't you build a giant rover, fly it to Mars, then make it land without a scratch then?
chukamachine  +   1058d ago
At least the rover has gone to mars.

Man never landed on the moon though.
Deku-Johnny  +   1058d ago
Are you trolling or do you genuinely think we never landed on the moon?
Dasteru  +   1058d ago
There were way too many inconsistencies in the video footage, things that simply wouldn't be possible if it were actually taken on the moon.

NASA F'd up badly with that video, they made so many glaring mistakes that anyone with common sense could tell it was bull.

We most likely have been to the moon more recently but the 1969 landing was faked.
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Dark_king  +   1058d ago
@dasteru your joking right?What inconsistencies are you talking about?
Dasteru  +   1058d ago

1: The American flag waving and fluttering as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planted it. Photos of the landing also seem to show rippling in a breeze, The obvious problem here is that there’s no air in the moon’s atmosphere, and therefore no wind to cause the flag to blow.

2: On the moon there is only one strong light source: the Sun. So it’s fair to suggest that all shadows should run parallel to one another. But this was not the case during the moon landing: videos and photographs clearly show that shadows fall in different directions.

3: The total lack of stars in any of the photographic/video evidence. There are no clouds on the moon, so stars are perpetually visible and significantly brighter than what we see through the filter of Earth’s atmosphere.

4: The cameras used by astronauts during the moon landings had a multitude of cross-hairs to aid with scaling and direction. These are imprinted over the top of all photographs. Some of the images, however, clearly show the cross-hairs behind objects in the scene, implying that photographs may have been edited or doctored after being taken.

The two photos from the Apollo 15 mission clearly have identical backdrops, despite being officially listed by NASA as having been taken miles apart. One photo even shows the lunar module. When all photographs were taken the module had already landed, so how can it possibly be there for one photo and disappear in another?


Most of the arguments in the link you provided are around the third or forth time NASA has changed their story, They come up with a new and equally bogus "explanation" every time they are asked. That alone should tell you something.

At this point, the true conspiracy theorists are the ones dumb enough to still believe in something so obviously bogus despite all the solid evidence. It's nearly become religious in nature. Blind faith, ignoring all evidence and logic, coming up with new excuses every time, even NASA themselfs haven't been able to come up with consistant reasons. They change their story constantly.

@Panthers, Look at the images of the flag, there is no top support pole. Another amusing and easily disproven bull story from NASA.

All the shots are taken at night, the sky is pitch black in all the shots and video footage yet still no stars.
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Panthers  +   1058d ago
The 'mistakes' everyone talks about is actually just ignorance on yalls part.

People say the flag is waving. Its not, its just shaking because its held up by a pole and there is not enough gravity to stop the shaking from the astronauts planting it in the ground.

Also the fact that there are no stars in the sky. Its the same reason there are no stars in the sky during the day here. Sun light blocks it.

The atmosphere has nothing to do with it. Sunlight overpowers any other stars. Sure the sky is black, but the sun still blocks out starlight.

I could go on, but its hilarious to think we didnt go to the moon in 69. Dont you think the Soviets would have said something? I mean they would have noticed. A simple video would not have stopped that.
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SephirothX21  +   1058d ago
Anyone who thinks the moon landing didn't happen is an absolute moron. Besides the fact that so many people were involved in the mission that it would be impossible to pull it off as a fake and the fact that Russia never disputed it, here is a link that explains everything.

If religious people and conspiracy theorists spent less time concerning themselves with fairy tales and more time educating themselves, the world would be a much better place.
Raggi01  +   1058d ago
Why bash religious people? What proof do you have that these are fairy tales? Ignorant people...
SephirothX21  +   1057d ago
How is not having proof being ignorant? Religion has no proof to back up its claims. Its about evidence and religion has none of that either. People need to understand probability and certain mathematical concepts in order to rationalise. If you can rationalise, you can very quickly come to the conclusion that there is no sufficient evidence for a creator of the universe and therefore no reason to believe that there is a creator. Even if there is a creator or creators, it is still a massive jump to state that it / they can intervene in the ongoings of the universe. It is a bigger jump still to say that it / they can intervene in the lives of human beings and somehow care or have love for human beings. Though people should be entitled to believe in whatever fairy tale most appeals to them but just because a fairy tale might put one at comfort mentally, doesn't mean it is true.

That link is to a page not authored by Nasa. Its simple science that you cannot argue with. Why would Russia not dispute the moon landing then? Explain that.
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xxLuckyStrike  +   1058d ago
Obviously found something obvious of alien origin and went black. NASA does it all the time when they stumble across the martain terrain
worldwidegaming  +   1057d ago
We are not ready for aliens. I mean how will we explain this to everyone,lol. That would be cool if they found something.
SilentNegotiator  +   1057d ago
There's no reason to think that complex life exists on Mars right now, and life in the past on Mars wouldn't exactly be a "we can't handle it" situation.

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