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LG brings Google Play Movies & TV to its Smart TV range

5d ago - Google’s video store for televisions slowly expands beyond Chromecast and Android TV. | Web

LG Urbane 2, The First Android Wear Smartwatch With Cellular, Pulled From Stores

5d ago - Techcrunch : LG has another smartwatch that can run LTE, but it — the first generation Watch Urba... | Gadgets

PS4 Games To Look Out For In November 2015

Now - With all the amazing titles still to come this year, Releases.com thought it would do you a favor and make it a little bit easier to keep track of... | Promoted post

LG Is Developing Its Own Mobile Payment Service

6d ago - Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay… there’ll one more to add to the list soon. That’s because Ko... | Culture

Walmart is selling $10 Android phones

7d ago - Walmart has a pair of LG Android phones - the LG "Sunrise" L15G and LG "Lucky" LG16 - on sale for... | Phones

24 hours with Google Nexus 5X: Decent looks and good performance

10d ago - Google’s LG-built Nexus 5X has reached our labs and before churning out a full-fledged review, he... | Gadgets

LG vs. Panasonic: the best TVs in the world go head-to-head

11d ago - For years the frontier settlement of OLED-ville has been a one horse town. The futuristic TV tech... | Video

Hands on: LG V10 review - TechRadar

50d ago - The LG V10 is an intriguing phone, thanks to its sliver of a second screen at the top and dual fr... | Phones

LG V10 Becomes The First Smartphone To Feature Manual Video Mode

51d ago - LG is taking attention away from the iPhone 6 and 6S which has been selling like hot cakes since... | Phones

LG V10 smartphone has two selfie cameras

54d ago - LG has revealed a phone that takes wide-angle selfies and an updated 4G smartwatch, now running o... | Gadgets

LG V10 official: Everything you need to know

55d ago - DigitFreak: LG unwraps its first member in V-series of premium smartphones. It includes special f... | Gadgets

LG Nexus 5X: Price, Specs And Everything Under The Hood

56d ago - The Nexus 5X has been officially unveiled at a Google Nexus event yesterday. Let’s see what the n... | Phones

LG G5 Reportedly Comes With 20MP Camera & Snapdragon 820 Chipset

60d ago - LG has gradually grown its brand reputation, the G4 was declared the best camera smartphones by a... | Phones

iPhone 6S vs Nexus 5 2015: you can only choose one

62d ago - "Apple finally announced their new iPhone line-up for 2015, the iPhone 6S family, comprised of th... | Phones

LG’s double-sided TV offers a twin peek into the future of OLED displays

70d ago - Every year, manufacturers roll out a brand new kind of smart television at IFA that turns heads,... | Hi-tech

LG V10 movie-centered phone to be launched next month

71d ago - "LG has had a successful year, year on end, with the LG G3, LG G4, LG G Flex and LG G Flex 2 pavi... | Phones

Is the LG G4 worth it? - Review: 6 Months on [DigitFreak]

78d ago - Early hands-on videos and expert reviews can be good to get an overall feeling about what a new s... | Gadgets

LG Unveils Its Double Sided OLED TV And It’s A Bang

79d ago - LG has unveiled its 111-inch double sided OLED TV. The TV which is first of its kind in the OLED... | Hi-tech

ThoseGamers Fathers Day Gaming & Tech Gift Guide

83d ago - It’s less than a week until Fathers Day and come 6 September Dad’s around the country will be abl... | Gadgets

LG Adds Smart TV Content Partners, Provides Free Upgrade To 2014 webOS TVs

84d ago - LG Electronics USA today announced expanded content partners for its webOS Smart TV platform, inc... | Video

Nexus 2015 Specification Processor Ram Camera Details Leaked

84d ago - Nexus 2015 Specification Processor Ram Camera Details Leaked | Gadgets

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

LG 55 Inch Curved OLED TV Review - ThoseGamers

85d ago - Every now and then a review product comes along that just blows your socks off right from the mom... | Hi-tech

LG develops rollable wireless portable keyboard

90d ago - LG Electronics (LG) have developed a rollable wireless portable keyboard that slides into your po... | Gadgets

New wave of Android Wear watches aims to make up for lost time

90d ago - Asus, Huawei, LG and Motorola will use the IFA trade show in Berlin next week to show off their n... | Industry

Leaked images reveal Huawei's Nexus with an unusual camera bump

92d ago - Leaked images purportedly showing a 5.7-inch Nexus smartphone being built by Huawei have revealed... | Phones

A Guide to Buying the Best TV for Gaming

93d ago - Nick from GamersFTW writes: "Let’s face it, everyone wants a TV that will make games look the... | Video
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