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Submitted by techtheweek 1192d ago | opinion piece

Nexus 4 - Who needs LTE?


This month, we saw Google announce their successor to the Nexus phone.
It starts at a tantalizing £229 which, for the hardware that you get, is an incredible price. Packing a quad-core processor and a 4.8 inch screen that has a ppi of 320 (just 6 behind the iPhone 5) £229 seems like a bit of a bargain. But does it's lack of LTE make a difference? (Google, LG, Phones)

techtheweek  +   1192d ago
Any comments would be appreciated
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   1191d ago
LTE isn't even available yet here so it doesn't affect me at all :)
techtheweek   1192d ago | Off topic | show
techtheweek   1192d ago | Off topic | show
Madusha  +   1192d ago
Nexus 4 is simply amazing. Small price, amazing product. No LTE is not an issue in my opinion. LTE is not even here yet in my country of residence.
Gondee  +   1192d ago
LTE is holding this handset back. I will not buy one :(
Speed-Racer  +   1192d ago
I live in a non-LTE country, so I'm good. Can't wait for it to go on sale.
M_Prime  +   1192d ago
Honestly here in Toronto LTE is fast. Its 25/25 (down/up) and 3G is only 4/1 and you can tell the difference. It makes enough difference to drop that phone off someones list if there are other options that do have LTE. However i do a lot of driving and LTE is not everywhere but its a nice option to have, especially if you make a WIFI hotspot. Also here in Toronto with Rogers, i have a 6GB data plan that is the same price for LTE as 3G so price of LTE is not an issue as you stated (maybe its different in the UK)

Also my last comment is about it being LG. I find they are hit and miss and for that price point there has to be some cheap components in there, i don't believe everything is as good as it can be.
Speed-Racer  +   1192d ago
Pricing seems to be biased to the Google Play Store. Rumours indicate that it may be 500-700 in regular stores when it does become available (unlocked).
abc1233  +   1191d ago
Cheap components? It has one of the best smartphone processors and GPUs on the market, the build quality has also been praised by pretty much every review I've come across as well
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M_Prime  +   1190d ago
well maybe what Racer-X said is true, that the price will be closer to 500 when its released in regular stores. just for the low price range there is no way they are making money on the handsets
abc1233  +   1189d ago
Even if it is 500-700, how can they hope to sell a single one when the Play store is selling it for a fraction of the price? Think we've all gotten used to expensive smartphones so the nexus 4 is a bit of a shock, though there really is no need for phones to cost so much in the first place, for example the BOM of an iphone 5 is around $199 which shouldn't be wildly different to other phones in the same class. There are obviously other costs involved other than pure components but the low storage/no LTE probably went some way to reducing costs.
Kennytaur  +   1192d ago
Too big. My current Nexus is almost too big already.
GrumpyVeteran  +   1192d ago
Yeah even my 3.7" phone isn't something I can use one handed the entire time, and I often have to move it around to reach stuff.
KwietStorm  +   1191d ago
First world problems
eferreira  +   1192d ago
underwhelming, nothing new or innovative. I was hoping it will do my taxes or make coffee. I'll wait til Friday when a new one comes out. Oh wait this ain't appl......
chcolatesnw  +   1191d ago
i wonder what color the sky is in your universe. you seem to suggest apple comes out with iPhone very often? as in every friday? clearly that's pure hate talk, since apple is one of the few that come out with their phone once a year, unlike android devices that come out every week. oh wait how about the gs3? no the gs2, or gs2 x, or gs2 hd lte? and it's not just samsung, you buy an LG, HTC comes with with better next week. Then assus the week after that, then samsung. But i guess thats okay for consumers to get bombarded with incremental upgrades that have a lifespan of 2 weeks, since you know, its clearly the more stable android, and where the last MHz on that CPU make a huge difference. if there's one thing apple does right, it shows that this specifications don't mean a single thing when you've got a good OS. but no it's kay to get that quad core cpu and see it go to waste because of android, as long as its got 2 gb ram its gonna be the best phone ever yay!
AsimLeonheart  +   1191d ago
What Apples's S and G versions of the numbered models?? That makes a phone every six months.
eferreira  +   1191d ago
Lol was being sarcastic and making fun of all the apple haters.
KwietStorm  +   1191d ago
He was making a joke. Untie the knots in your nose hairs
Speed-Racer  +   1191d ago
@eferreira - Let's be fair. Compare an Android product that comes out today vs 1 year ago. You'd see that there are massive improvements. Compare an iPhone that came out today versus last year and you see very little improvement. Take your butthurt argument somewhere else.

Edit - Missed the sarcasm there, sorry lol.
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SnakeCQC  +   1191d ago
seriously? i hate when blinded fanboys make excuses for the company who makes the mistakes! seriously google why did you go with lg!!! you should have went with samsung again added lte expandable memory(not for apps just for movies songs etc)added a camera that was good in lowlight and had 8mp and you would have been golden!
AsimLeonheart  +   1191d ago
Brother, have you been reading the recent headlines? Since the Samsung lost the lawsuit to Apple, it has been distancing itself from Google. It is rumored that Samsung is turning toward Windows 8 for their newer phones instead of android. Now why do you expect Google to keep hanging on to Samsung? Moreover, I think LG has made a superior hardware by not making it plasticky like Samsung makes each of its phones.
SnakeCQC  +   1191d ago
lol thats the first time someone has called me brother online. Apple only won in america because the courts there are out of touch and biased towards american countries its a different story in europe where apple had to apologies for saying samsung infringed on the ipad design. The reason why samsung products are "plasticky" is because putting so much metal etc in something thats going relevant for a year or two is wasteful and samsung devices have a nicer smoother feel(thats what ive taken from it) Samsung know how to make awesome devices and i hope they continue to android ones (i love my galaxy nexus but wish the camera has better in low light and was 8mp then it would be perfect for me)
cee773  +   1191d ago
Explain the nexus 10? which is manufactured by samsung
why would Samsung stop making android phones sure they lost to apple but to exclusively make windows phones is stupid and bad for buisiness Samsung pay 0$ for android OS they would have to pay Microsoft licensing fees for windows which is why android will always be the bigger is in the mobile department.

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