LG’s 55 inch OLED TV will blow your mind

What's Hawt: LG will present its latest flat screen television at the CES 2012 convention. The OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV is 55 inches in size, making it the largest in its category.

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Anarki1937d ago

Screw the tv, how much does she cost /trollface

serious note; awesome tv, looking good how technology is coming along these days.

Speed-Racer1938d ago

Wonder how much this will cost?

_Q_1937d ago

When its less than $2500 and they have a 60"+ version. I will be ready. For now my 58" Panny S2 will do fine. Hell this may drive down the price of the current champ the VT30...

HxCGamer1938d ago

these have great picture quality. So upset that OLED tvs are nowhere near affordable to the avarage customer

Sugreev20011937d ago

Holy Crap ! It makes my new LED Tv look like an 80's CRT TV.

Rashonality1937d ago

a while ago a 15" OLED screens cost around 2K£,
i will not be surprised if this costs around 20K£...

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The story is too old to be commented.