LG vs Samsung: the story behind the biggest rivalry in tech

TechRadar - The rivalry between Korean tech giants LG and Samsung is well known, but it took a visit to LG's headquarters in South Korea this week for the true nature of the conflict to become clear to us.

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-Mezzo-1107d ago

Common, it's nothing like Apple vs Samsung.

ABizzel11106d ago

I kind of agree, but Apple vs. Samsung is more tech based.

LG and Samsung make EVERYTHING, which is why their in competition. Washer, Dryers, Cel Phones, Tooth brush, you name it.

I prefer Samsung's overall quality more, but LG has come a long way, and are just about every bit as good with most of their products.

FlameBaitGod1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

I have LG Tv, Washer and Samsung Fridge, Camera :D!

The_Infected1106d ago

I can see it now! Your TV vs. washer and fridge...ROUND 1! A few minutes later you're driving to replace everything hoping you still have warranty:)

Tzuno1106d ago

Samsung is so spread that it makes me puke' only bad experiences with this brand. LG for the win.

eddyawan1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Why Samsung is always bone of contention in Tech industry....