Samsung and HTC UK battle it out on Twitter, LG responds

Vyralize: It’s the battle of the Twitter mobile social media brands!

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In2iti0n1776d ago

These people definitely need to grow up...

GenericNameHere1776d ago


You know what I miss though? Nokia. I freaking loved playing with my dad's Nokia phone in the early 2000s. Played Snake and a simple yet awesome space shooter game on it for years!

pompombrum1776d ago

Lol the Samsung and HTC UK twitter accounts have been going at it a good few times now. Still to insinuate they paid off for fake reviews of their competitors.. surely that leaves them open to some pretty nasty legal action? Unless ofcourse it's true and Samsung are worried they'd get caught out.

Soldierone1776d ago

Why does everything lead to legal action now? They were playing around. If Samsung really doesn't like it, why not just send a private message going "hey, please remove that. It went a little too far."

Heavenly King1776d ago

I love LG intervention. Really funny ;D

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