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The Internet Sleeps at Night. Really.

5h ago - Here in the United States, we spend most of our time in an always-on world—a place where internet... | Web

Internet Trolls In UK Could Face Two Years In Jail

22h ago - Internet trolls who post comments on social media could now see a jail sentence of 24-months. | Web

The Art of Trolling

2d ago - Trolling the internet is seen as a devious deed, but whistleblower and troll Brian Penny used a t... | Culture

6 Bad Things That Happen When Net Neutrality Is Dissolved

3d ago - Net neutrality is important, but it's hard to see why without imagining what life would be like w... | Culture

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Router that anonymises internet activity raises $300,000 on Kickstarter

4d ago - Anonabox, a device that re-routes data through the cloaking Tor network, is tool for freedom of i... | Gadgets

Dropbox wasn’t hacked

5d ago - Recent news articles claiming that Dropbox was hacked aren’t true. Your stuff is safe. The userna... | Web

Internet can't be managed as private property: India tells UN

5d ago - Underscoring its commitment to the 'free growth' of the internet, India has told the UN general a... | Web

Quantum internet could keep us safe from spying eyes

29d ago - Quantum networks are quietly spreading across the world. With secure quantum connections linking... | Web

Cosmos for Android allows internet browsing via SMS

33d ago - Cosmos for Android is an application that was designed with markets that don’t have widespread ac... | Software

Top 35 Websites Must Check Daily To Keep Your Knowledge Update

35d ago - Geeker Magazine-The world has become a global village by the grace of World Wide Web. Internet ha... | Web

Net neutrality: why Fight for the Future is hosting Internet Slowdown

40d ago - The “spinning wheel of death”. We all hate it. But you may be seeing it a lot on the internet tod... | Web

Telcos unite to starve out online pirates

41d ago - The online piracy debate in Australia is quickly turning into a war of attrition between internet... | Industry

Here are the latest global digital statistics for September

41d ago - Wonder how many people are connected to the internet this month? Wondering how many people are on... | Culture

What's The Earliest Trace Of Yourself You Can Still Find Online?

42d ago - The internet is so deeply woven into our everyday lives, we hardly think about it anymore. We've... | Web

3 Netflix secrets you need to know

42d ago - With over 50 million subscribers in 40 countries, Netflix is the most popular TV show and movie s... | Industry

Fake links to nude celebrities crash New Zealand Internet

43d ago - New Zealanders keen to view hacked photos of naked celebrities are being blamed for a nationwide... | Culture

Horizon: The defenders of anonymity on the internet

44d ago - You may not realise it, but every time you open up your laptop or switch on your phone, you are a... | Web

The Internet Probably Isn’t Ruining Your Teenager’s Brain

45d ago - We now spend so much time on the Internet it feels as though it must be changing our brains someh... | Web

See Every Single Device Connected to the Internet

48d ago - A map of every device connected to the Internet shows the wealthiest parts of the world flush wit... | Culture

NSA and GCHQ agents 'leak Tor bugs' alleges developer

59d ago - Some US and UK cyberspies are deliberately undermining their workmates' "dark web" surveillance e... | Web

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Would you pay £140 a year for an ad-free web?

59d ago - An ad-free internet would cost each user at least £140 a year – a sum that the vast majority of U... | Web

A Chinese Internet Giant Starts to Dream

60d ago - TR - Punk bands from Blondie to the Ramones once played in Broadway Studios, an age-worn 95-year-... | Web

These six lawsuits shaped the internet

60d ago - When AOL executive Ryan Block went public with a recorded a customer service call in which a Comc... | Web

Nomophobia – The 21st century’s newest disease

61d ago - Nomophobia, the definition of which comes from the expression “no-mobile-phone” deserves it’s nam... | Culture

How to Save the Net: Don’t Give In to Big ISPs

62d ago - The Internet has already changed how we live and work, and we're only just getting started. Who'd... | Web
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