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Google Sues Mississippi Attorney General, Alleging Internet Censorship

12h ago - Google is taking an attorney general to court on the grounds that his actions could threaten the... | Industry

The future is here folks - jetpacks are a real thing now

10d ago - Watch as the Jetman flies his jetpack while pushing the boundaries of aviation by completing a se... | Hi-tech

Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul just released an app called Yo, Bitch

15d ago - The ouroboros of internet culture has found a way to eat itself all over. Aaron Paul, best known... | Services

Dark Social Traffic In The Mobile App Era

15d ago - About two years ago, Alexis wrote a story about a strange phenomenon on the web: in a medium know... | Web

Win a PS4!!

Now - Join us on Filmwatch to find out how you can win a free PS4 this holiday season! | Promoted post

AT&T intervenes in city’s plan to offer fiber Internet to all residents [Updated]

17d ago - A city in Kansas that plans to expand a fiber broadband network to serve all residents and busine... | Industry

The Internet Is The Best Thing Ever To Happen To Songwriters

20d ago - Ever since, Taylor Swift decided to give Spotify the boot, under the auspices of helping songwrit... | Industry

Bavaria plans free wifi for 'whole state'

22d ago - Finance minister Christian Söder wants to drag Bavaria online with an ambitious plan for far-rang... | Services

A World Without Net Neutrality Already Exists

22d ago - People have wondered how an Internet without net neutrality would work. Net neutrality is more th... | Industry

Three quarters of Britons consider internet access a 'human right'

23d ago - There is overwhelming public support for the idea that access to the Internet should be a human r... | Culture

Swedish ISP to let users shield Internet activity from police

23d ago - Swedes have started to sign up for a free service from ISP Bahnhof to hide their Internet communi... | Web

Global online population hits 3 billion: ITU

24d ago - The world's online population has edged over more than 3 billion people, according to the United... | Web

Google's gigabit-Internet service in Austin priced at $70 per month

25d ago - Google will offer a basic version of its broadband service for no monthly charge when it launches... | Industry

CRTC examines cost and access to high-speed internet

25d ago - Small ISPs want cheaper access to fibre and other high-speed networks The federal telecom regu... | Industry

New Yorkers Get Worse Internet Service Than People in Bucharest

27d ago - You’ve probably looked at your monthly Internet bill and groaned, thinking that it was far higher... | Web

U.K. Looks to Keep Records on Internet Users

27d ago - The U.K. government could soon require Internet service companies to keep records to identify peo... | Industry

This FCC Commissioner Did A Reddit Chat. It Did Not Go Well.

27d ago - Huffington Post: On Friday, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Mignon Clyburn t... | Culture

Inside the net neutrality dispute, and why it's important to Apple users

27d ago - Though you may pay a premium for one of the fastest internet connections your cable provider offe... | Web

Torrents Good For A Third Of All Internet Traffic In Asia-pacific

27d ago - New data published by the Canadian broadband management company Sandvine reveals that BitTorrent... | Web

Luxury Watchmakers Target Pirate Smartwatch Faces

27d ago - The world's leading luxury watchmakers are teaming up to squash competition from unofficial digit... | Industry

FCC Delays Net Neutrality Rules Until 2015

28d ago - A vote next year could give telecoms time to pressure the commission on the proposal. The Fede... | Industry

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

Li-Fi Gets Ready to Compete With Wi-Fi

28d ago - Visible light communications could outshine Wi-Fi in industrial settings. As LEDs become a mor... | Industry

The Right Way to Fix the Internet

29d ago - If you’re like most people, your monthly smartphone bill is steep enough to make you shudder. As... | Web

China is hosting the World Internet Conference

31d ago - China is hosting the World Internet Conference. Yes, China, which blocks thousands of websites an... | Culture

Trend Hunter CEO billed $1,200 for using Wi-Fi on a plane

34d ago - Since the ban on using Wi-Fi on planes has been lifted, aircrafts have been outfitted with Wi-Fi... | Web

Lantern is your solution to unrestricted access to the internet

35d ago - Lantern: Global access to the web’s best content on your mobile device. Anonymous. Uncensored. | Gadgets
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