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Here’s why the Internet of things just became very interesting

1d 16h ago - While we won’t refute these arguments, a focus on shareholder positioning will help us better und... | Industry

Russian Interior Ministry offers $111k to crack TOR network

1d 16h ago - Russia’s Interior Ministry is offering $111k for a technological solution that would allow police... | Services

How cat photos can reveal privacy issues with what you share online

3d ago - Posting pictures of your cat to the internet may seem like one of the most innocuous (and fun) th... | Web

LittleBits CEO states CloudBit as the future for Smart devices

3d ago - The electronic library that LittleBits has is probably one of the unique electronic libraries of... | Gadgets

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New software platform gets real-time with the Internet of Things

3d ago - We're only just beginning to see the potential of the internet of things. A wide range of devices... | Software

Government reminds Comcast and Verizon not to lie

3d ago - If you're like me, you've paid for a certain speed from you internet provider only to get a fract... | Industry

Researchers achieve 10Gbps Li-Fi data transmission

4d ago - A Mexican software company has managed to transmit audio, video and internet across the spectrum... | Industry

The UK starts new anti-piracy campaign, education instead of punishment

5d ago - "Internet service providers and governments have been looking for ways of dealing with piracy for... | Industry

Illegal downloading: four strikes and then... nothing

5d ago - Households could receive up to four warning letters per year if they are caught illegally downloa... | Web

More People in China Now Go Online With Mobile Devices Than PCs

5d ago - The number of China's internet users going online with a mobile device -- such as a smartphone or... | Gadgets

Nest Hackers Will Offer Tool To Keep The Google-Owned Company From Getting Users' Data

9d ago - Those with Nests in their nests have a smart thermostat that learns about their behavior over tim... | Industry

The Dynamics of Cyber Security

9d ago - When Tim Berners Lee invented the networking phenomenon that so dominates our lives today,he was... | Industry

Superman Is Internet's Most Dangerous Superhero

10d ago - Superheroes are supposed to stand up for truth and justice, but sometimes, villains manipulate th... | Web

A Chinese Internet Giant Has An App To Help Students Cheat On Their Homework

11d ago - Chinese teens have it rough pretty with schoolwork—students in Shanghai spend an average of nearl... | Software

Google's Project Zero Attacks Web Security Threats

11d ago - Google is bulking up its security team via a new effort, dubbed Project Zero. "Our objective is... | Web

This is why the government should never control the internet

12d ago - Tomorrow is the deadline for the public to comment on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FC... | Web

3G services to be available in all of A-grade circles by 2015 in India

14d ago - Ericsson top officials say that 3G services is all set to be available in around 90% all of A-gra... | Industry

Netflix CEO Q&A: Picking a fight with the Internet service providers

15d ago - Reed Hastings recently stood before new employees packed into the company’s campus movie theater,... | Industry

How Internet Providers Get Around War Zones

15d ago - In January 2008, something sharp — mostly likely an errant ship anchor — sliced into two underwat... | Web

The war of words continues: Verizon says Netflix is the one causing internet congestion

15d ago - Verizon, in an ongoing and escalating war of words with Netflix, put up a blog post today arguing... | Web

Slingshot Opens Up Netflix to Kiwis

18d ago - NZ Herald: Slingshot has just made it a lot easier for its customers to access television and... | Web

YouTube, following Netflix, is now publicly shaming internet providers for slow video

21d ago - When videos blur, buffer, or won’t play altogether, YouTube is now pinning the blame on your inte... | Industry

German IT specialist spied on by NSA

22d ago - German student Sebastian Hahn helped run a server in Germany's southern city of Nuremberg which w... | Industry

The Strange Story Of How Microsoft Seized A Big Chunk Of The Internet, Then Broke It

22d ago - There's a group of people at Microsoft who are like internet superheroes on a mission to protect... | Web

Pew Researchers say Internet is under threat of government powers, big businesses

22d ago - The Pew Research Center has released a report that describes the concerns of over 1,400 computer... | Web
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