How to Get Practically Free Wi-Fi Practically Anywhere

Gizmodo: Here are just a few tips and tricks to make sure you never have to cough up cash for a hotspot again.

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Redd2111d ago

Pretty good tips for free WiFi. Im not usually on the go for too long so I can usually wait it out, but if I do have to get WiFi I will use these tips.

In2iti0n2111d ago

Eventually, you are going to need the free ones. At least once in a lifetime.

r212110d ago

I cant access the site. Damn it!

Nucky2110d ago

I fly Delta mostly, and was stoked when they started giving free access to Amazon. Not that there's a whole lot to do on Amazon other than go deeper into debt, but still! Limited free stuff is better than no free stuff.

kingPoS2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Some random Amtrack trains and have them. I found out quite by accident with my laptop years ago in a parking lot of BurgerKing and Subway. They too have free WiFi. (usually)

In2iti0n2110d ago

My friend used to have one of those WiFi Antennas that could scan and capture WiFi hotspots miles away. He never had problems with WiFi ever again.

kingPoS2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

In most neighborhoods you when see open wifi, it either means they have a cheap router or just don't care. Most decent routers have a default password that you have to disable or change.

Sadly a lot of unaware folks out there don't even know their routers even have gateway pages. Never mind changing the ssid or stopping it from being broadcasted.

In2iti0n2110d ago

That is the sad truth of people everywhere. Non-techie people.