Sony ISP launches world's fastest home Internet, 2Gbps

PCWorld- A Japanese internet service provider has begun offering broadband plans with 2Gbps downloads and 1Gbps uploads to residents in Tokyo and six surrounding districts. The service provider believes that these high data speeds make it the world's fastest for commercial internet.

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Settler1862d ago

Time to move to Tokyo :)

ABizzel11861d ago

Aww. Goggle Fiber's going to have to step it up.

It's here in KC, but I'm moving to Austin, TX which it's coming to next.

LOL it's following me.

dcbronco1861d ago

It's been time to move to Tokyo. Have you seen their women?

Dee_911861d ago

yea im thinking of canceling my comcast after they were for CAS.No way in hell im giving them power to slow down my internet.Wasnt in my contract when I signed up with them

badz1491861d ago

Japan always have the good stuff! I remembered in 2005 when I was there, paid $50 for 100Mbps and now back in my own country, I'm paying $50 for a crappy 2Mbps and it's 2013! on top of that, I'm also paying $25 for 8GB 3G country SUCKS internet-wise!

fatstarr1862d ago

if I payed american prices for things found overseas and in the uk
i would be living like royalty.

paying top price for shit is the way over here :/

super jelly

mushroomwig1862d ago

I'm jealous too, currently paying £31.50 a month for 60Mb and the majority of the time I don't even get that.

arjman1862d ago

I'm getting 1.3mbps in the countryside so don't be too jealous lol

extermin8or1862d ago

um the standard if you aren't ina major city in the uk is like 20 pounds ish for UP TO 20mbs- which according to the regulator and various stats places means you'll get an average of about 9-11mbs- where im currently living I get.... about 5mbs -_-

Blackdeath_6631862d ago

i live smack bang in the centre of london and still don't have fibre optic in my speed supposed to be 8mb but when downloading something for real its more like 0.6

DeadManMcCarthy1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Man, UK really gets slanted when it comes to internet. I feel for you guys.

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BlmThug1862d ago

Agreed :( I play bloody £29 a month for 24Mbps and most of the time I only get 12-14Mbps -_-

execution171862d ago

Got a friend who pays a bit more for half that speed on a good day, dips to less then 1mbps most of the time :/

kingmushroom1861d ago

dang bro, I Pay $15 fro 3Mbps

dcbronco1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

$32 for 30/5. Usually 27/5. Sometimes 33/6.

fatstarr1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

After reading all this I dont feel so bad.

I get 70 down and 30 up at home

and at work its 250mbs on a bad day
and 500-700mbs on a great day.

but at home im paying like 80$ for that speed.

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xboxlj1862d ago

I pay $70 per month for 12Mb. My only other choice is to pay $50 per month for 1.5Mb DSL.

BrunoM1862d ago

I pay 54$ in Toronto Canada for 35mb down and 2mb up ..

Turns out to be more like 15mb down and a steady 2 up

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mamotte1862d ago

Dont get so mad bro. I live in Sotuh America, pay that for... 5Mb.

tarbis1862d ago

WOW! $51 a month for 2Gbps and we're paying $24 for our crummy 1Mbps.

imXify1862d ago

I pay 60$ for 8 down, 1 up with a stupid download limit of 60 Gb per month -__-

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