Download 44 HD movies in a second: BT sets record for fastest commercial broadband speeds

Vyralize: BT in partnership with Alcatel-Lucent have set a new record for the fastest commercial Internet via current network infrastructure.

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kevnb1519d ago

I'm going to need a much faster and larger hard drive then!

Redinfamy1519d ago

I see Google may up the ante, I love competition

pompombrum1519d ago

What's the point of things like this when most of England are still stuck with <10mb connections? I live in a city with a population of around 200k and around about a mile away from my exchange and I can only get an 8mb connection.

Gamer19821519d ago

Most of england have fibre optic and get speeds of upto 100mb and beyond..

GadgetGooch1519d ago

Most of England do NOT have fibre optic and have speeds of 100MBS and beyond...Dunno what your on about pal...

filchron1519d ago

this will useful for driving holographic youtube in the near future as holo-displays use terabytes of data per second

steve30x1519d ago

Theres absolutely no use for this. Its illegal to download music and movies anyway. I have 120MB/s internet and I have never seen anything go faster than 22MB/s too.

IRetrouk1519d ago

Same here 120 from virgin, but to be honest I dont really need it, though they upgraded me for free so cant really complain.

mushroomwig1519d ago

Who said anything about illegally downloading music and movies?

GMWPS31519d ago

Ummm.. iTunes says hello. :-)) as well as other options.

Tsuru1519d ago

Just because you have 120 mb/s internet speed doesnt mean your download speed will be 120 mb/s.

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