How to Delete all Your Personal Information from Internet

Technology Raise- I thought you might have tried some methods by which you can erase your identity from internet but you can’t delete your information completely. So with the help of following steps you can do so. You can easily erase your information completely from internet.

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Spiewie 1710d ago

Gotta give this to my teacher he rambles on about privacy all the time.

Speed-Racer1710d ago

Also, download all your porn into a folder called 'Nickleback'. No one would suspect to look there.

NastyDaddeh1709d ago

mine is in a folder called secret... LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Mark4841709d ago

Racer use to watch your Porn that's why he clicked with this point in his dirty mind,,,, LOL

Speed-Racer1709d ago

@Mark - Hahaha you fanneh guy, you. You mek joke. /s

ironfist921710d ago

Welp, time to fall off the grid.

gizmig1709d ago

But as a blogger or developer you will love to put your information on internet.

Speed-Racer1709d ago

Not all your information needs to be on the Internet even if you're a blogger.

proudly_X1709d ago

That's where people miss it.. But it's difficult to realize how so much the privacy business is selling..

gizmig1709d ago

Yes, I do agree with you. But who put there personal information on internet to that extent. I never do that.

Speed-Racer1709d ago

@gizmig - A lot of people do.

Ninte1709d ago

I just stay away from FB that's enough for me.

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