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FBI seeks hacker after 1.2 billion logins are stolen

17h ago - The FBI has linked a hacker to the theft of 1.2 billion internet credentials - the largest heist... | Web

Twitter Cats to the Rescue in Brussels Lockdown

2d ago - Engadget As the hunt for terrorism suspects intensified in Brussels, the authorities requested... | Web

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

People tweeted their phone number and got spammed with cat facts

6d ago - Engadget: "There are people who share their real phone numbers via a tweet. Yes, really. One p... | Web

Android Influencer: Joaquim Verges on making the official Twitter app better for Android

6d ago - Twitter's newest Android engineer discusses his adventurous journey as an Android developer. | Web

Hacking Group Anonymous shares a guide on how to find ISIS extremists on Twitter

6d ago - As per a report on The International Business Times, Anonymous has shared three ways through whic... | Web

Twitter Wars: Donald Trump vs John Legere of T-Mobile

9d ago - If you’re into Twitter beefs, you missed a slobber knocker last night between Presidential hopefu... | Culture

Internet Giants Come Out In Support Of Municipal Broadband

10d ago - Nearly half the states in the U.S. have laws that ban or severely limit cities and counties from... | Industry

Twitter shows off ‘ScratchReel’ GIFs you can rewind

12d ago - Twitter today tweeted out something it called a ‘ScratchReel,’ which allows you to advance throug... | Services

Twitter faces local computer server demand by Russia

13d ago - Russia's internet regulator has said that Twitter must store local users' data in the country. Th... | Industry

Twitter Sees 6% Increase In “Like” Activity After First Week Of Hearts

14d ago - Speaking at the Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco today, Twitter’s SVP of Product, Kevin Weil,... | Culture

This Chrome extension banishes Twitter's new hearts and brings back the stars

15d ago - A new Chrome extension ignores the debate over whether we should like or favorite tweets and just... | Web

Drones, hackers and online satire: eight lessons from a global tech fest

16d ago - Dublin played host to one of the world’s largest startup gatherings. | Industry

Twitter launches Answers Kit as standalone Fabric plugin

18d ago - Twitter eases developing twitter-based app on Fabric, the mobile-platform, by introducing the sta... | Web

Let Twitter Be Twitter

19d ago - Twitter is a mess—everybody says so. Twitter is mostly nonsense. You can’t find what you need on... | Software

Scottish man used Twitter to launch $1.6m stock market scam, says US jury

19d ago - James Alan Craig, 62, tweeted bogus posts about two tech firms, causing their shares to crash bef... | Culture

Twitter Launches A Political Transparency Page

21d ago - Twitter rolled out a new page aimed at disclosing where the company stands on critical policy iss... | Culture

What’s Next For Diversity At Twitter?

21d ago - Now what? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself since Leslie Miley, the now former engineerin... | Web

New type of auto-rooting Android adware is nearly impossible to remove

21d ago - 20,000 samples found impersonating apps from Twitter, Facebook, and others. | Software

Jack Dorsey has an impossible task: to make Twitter better

22d ago - Jemima Kiss: "Will 140-characters rule be axed as new CEO aims to make Twitter fly?" | Industry

Twitter goes in-line with fb, replaces Stars with Hearts

22d ago - If star means rate and heart relates to emotion, the twitter has moved to follow Facebook's steps... | Web

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Twitter Engineering Manager Leslie Miley Leaves Company Because Of Diversity Issues

23d ago - Twitter Engineering Manager Leslie Miley, the only black engineer in a leadership position at Twi... | Culture

Like it or not, Twitter Favorites are dead

23d ago - Favorites are now dead on Twitter, long live the like. In a move that makes the social networking... | Software

Facebook is fighting to become more like Twitter

23d ago - Facebook is looking for new ways to get users to share more, rather than just consume content, in... | Industry

Twitter Is Laying Off 336 Employees: How Will This Help?

43d ago - Twitter is usually known for its 140-character limit, but a new number is making news for the soc... | Industry

Twitter to bring pre-roll advertising to tweeted videos

44d ago - Twitter users will have to watch pre-roll advertising on videos in tweets, thanks to a new servic... | Web
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