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Twitter tweaks the timeline in a bid to keep more users engaged | ZDNet

22h ago - The new timeline will show recommended tweets at the top of users' feeds, with the traditional, r... | Industry

Timing Is Everything: Twitter Unveils First View Ads, Videos At The Top Of Your Timeline

2d ago - Twitter has been in the spotlight for the past several days over allegedly imminent (longstanding... | Web

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Twitter forms Trust and Safety Council amid concerns it has become a cesspool of hateful trolls

2d ago - As Twitter has faced a crescendo of complaints that its platform has become a refuge for hate-spe... | Software

Twitter continues its fight against harassment with new blog post

2d ago - Twitter has announced a new initiative to combat harassment on its platform: the Twitter Trust &... | Web

Twitter conversations now have their own pop-up window

3d ago - If you participate in Twitter conversations with multiple accounts, you know that once you get pa... | Web

Twitter 'leaving us in the dark' over state hacking claims, activists say

3d ago - More than 50 political activists say Twitter won’t answer critical questions about ‘state-sponsor... | Industry

Here's how Twitter's new algorithmic timeline is going to work

4d ago - Twitter went into an uproar Friday after a BuzzFeed report that the social network was on the bri... | Industry

I'm not done with Twitter yet

4d ago - Kvetching over Twitter's fate follows a familiar cycle by now: will it survive? How will it get n... | Web

Twitter May Introduce An Algorithmic Timeline And People Are Losing Their Minds

4d ago - Remember Twitter? Or, at least, that would seem to be the sentiment from parts of Twitter that... | Web

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey responds to timeline backlash: 'we get it'

4d ago - "Twitter is here to stay," Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said today, after BuzzFeed reported that timel... | Web

Twitter employee learns about social network's harassment problem firsthand

4d ago - There's a lot of reasons why people keep coming back to Twitter, but there's definitely one that... | Web

Twitter has suspended 125,000 ISIS accounts since mid-2015

5d ago - Twitter is coming clean about its efforts to fight terrorist-aligned accounts. In a new blog post... | Web

Twitter's timeline will soon show tweets out of order

5d ago - Ever since Twitter first launched, tweets have been organized in reverse chronological order. Tha... | Web

Ares Rights Gets EFF Lawyer Suspended From Twitter For Posting Mild Criticism

5d ago - Techdirt: We've written a few times now (including just recently) about the Spanish firm Ares Rig... | Culture

Want to boost Twitter's stock price and make some money? Tweet about it

6d ago - Investors could be taking advantage of spikes in Twitter’s stock price – driven by viral rumours... | Industry

Twitter is testing a button that serves up ready-made GIFs for users

6d ago - Twitter users may soon see more GIFs in their newsfeed, thanks to a dedicated GIF button the comp... | Web

Twitter vs. Facebook- Which is the Better Social Network?

7d ago - TechDaring: "Even for those who don’t have some sort of social media presence, both Facebook and... | Web

Twitter launches 'engaging' new homepage

8d ago - Twitter rolls out a new homepage designed to engage people who have not logged in to the website. | Web

What if Twitter died?

8d ago - Scrolling through my Twitter feed, I had an interesting thought the other day. What if Twitter ju... | Twitter

Facing complex challenges, Twitter should focus on its strengths

10d ago - CEO Jack Dorsey’s turnaround effort has seen the social networking firm’s shares fall 41% since O... | Web

Facebook Takes On Periscope By Giving Live Streaming To All U.S. iPhoners

12d ago - Get ready for the big Live streaming showdown. Finally we'll see who's approach wins. Twitter and... | Industry

Twitter Confirms Amex’s Leslie Berland As Its New CMO

14d ago - Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey today announced a new CMO for the company — Leslie Berland, who joins f... | Industry

Twitter Has Stopped Showing Ads to Some of Its Most Valuable Users

14d ago - Twitter makes its money by showing ads to its users. But not all of its users: For the past fe... | Industry

Twitter has become secret-handshake software

14d ago - Twitter's fundamental problem is this: it's too hard to use. To potential new users, it's a real... | Software

Is Twitter doomed?

15d ago - The Verge: On Sunday night, following reports by Verge's sister publication Recode, Twitter confi... | Industry
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