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More Indians using Facebook and Twitter: Study

1d 13h ago - More Indians are logging into Facebook and Twitter accounts, as evident from a record growth of 3... | Web

Twitter admits to diversity problem

3d ago - Twitter says it has been hiring too many white and Asian men to fill high-paying technology jobs,... | Web

Twitter will soon give you access to your entire DM history via the iOS and Android apps

9d ago - With more and more people using Twitter’s DM (Direct Messages) feature as a chat service, the com... | Web

Hashtack brings Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Photos into one app

11d ago - TechFrag - "A photo- and video-sharing application where users can like, comment and zoom in on p... | Software

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Twitter buys CardSpring to start selling goods within its tweets

11d ago - If you were looking for another way to cement Twitter into your daily life, the company just prov... | Web

New Twitter test tells you if you tweet like a fourth grader

18d ago - US President Barack Obama isn’t smarter than a seventh grader – on Twitter, at least! Around... | Web

Brazil’s crushing defeat to Germany at the World Cup is now the most-tweeted sports game ever

20d ago - The FIFA World Cup has just helped Twitter break its own record, again. The dramatic Brazil vs Ge... | Web

California law criminalizing juror electronic use repealed

20d ago - Jurors who live-tweet trials and research their cases online will no longer face criminal charges. | Culture

Studies suggest too much Twitter may result in the Deterioration of your Relationships

22d ago - TechFrag - "According to recent studies, it was revealed that excessive use of Twitter will likel... | Web

Twitter Removes Users "Pirated" World Cup Avatars

23d ago - Twitter has removed the profile pictures of several of its users after the company received a tak... | Web

Russian lawmakers pass new bill restricting Internet

24d ago - MOSCOW: Russia's parliament passed a bill on Friday requiring Internet companies to store Russian... | Web

Wait for It... Twitter Collectively Holds Its Breath in World Cup Shootouts

25d ago - The moment of anticipation between when the World Cup referee blows the whistle and when the play... | Web

Twitter to acquire Mobile Ad retargeting startup TapCommerce for $100M

27d ago - TechFrag - "Twitter announced recently that it is acquiring TapCommerce, a New York based mobile... | Web

As Google decides to shut down Orkut, here’s what twitterati are saying

28d ago - You may not have logged onto it for some years, but this is a loss that certainly will sting for... | Web

Facebook’s Plan To Take On Twitter’s Stream

34d ago - Twitter’s real-time stream made it the de facto place to discuss world events. But Facebook’s VP... | Web

GIFs can now be accessed directly on Twitter

41d ago - Twitter has rolled out a new ability today allowing users to both post and view GIFs directly on... | Web

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Blocked in Iraq Amid Crisis

42d ago - As Iraq faces a growing insurgency in the north that is threatening to pull the country apart, th... | Web

Twitter updates to allow embedding within tweets

43d ago - Twitter rolls out new update for both Android and iOS devices allowing users to embed tweets with... | Web

Twitter's COO Ali Rowghani steps down after clash with CEO

45d ago - TechFrag - "Twitter’s Chief Operating Officer Ali Rowghani has recently stepped down from his pos... | Web

Show your World Cup support on Twitter with hashtag flags

45d ago - Twitter has joined in the World Cup spirit by displaying flags next to the three letter country c... | Web

From Facebook and Twitter to apps: The Internet is ready as FIFA World Cup kicks off tomorrow

48d ago - The FIFA World Cup starts tomorrow and given that this one is being held in the age of social med... | Web

Tweetdeck hit by XSS security vulnerability

48d ago - This morning, Twitter client TweetDeck was hit by an XSS vulnerability leaving users in a state o... | Web

Twitter’s in Trouble. Here’s How It Can Avoid Becoming the Next AOL

50d ago - A few weeks ago, Twitter shares plummeted and wiped out more than $4 billion in market value, as... | Industry

CIA Joins Twitter, Gets Started With Funny Tweet

52d ago - Few days after the Central Intelligence Agency joined Facebook, it has decided to expand its soci... | Web

Delete all your tweet in one go with Tweet Delete

59d ago - Twitter is world 2nd most popular social networking site, with more than million of tweets tweete... | Web
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