A Week After Instagram’s Video Launch, Vine Sharing Tanks On Twitter

Marketing Land: "It’s now been a full week since Instagram added video recording to its popular camera app, and it’s already had a dramatic impact on its main competitor:

Vine sharing on Twitter has tanked.

We can use Topsy’s free analytics tool to compare how many times Twitter users have shared links versus links, and the chart isn’t pretty for Vine."

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In2iti0n1819d ago

I definitely prefer Instagram video because of the ability to focus, delete clips and add filters. Also, the non-looping feature scores some big points in my book.

Nucky1818d ago

I believe Vine will now learn that lesson and implement those features as well. And that's how competition makes the products better for users.

Nucky1819d ago

They copied Vine and now they're more successful?
Where is this world going?

Speed-Racer1818d ago

Makes sense if they already had the market share from images to back them.

Nucky1818d ago

It makes sense, but it sure as hell isn't the way it should be. I mean, the ethics of it.
But, I guess it's all about who can steal something from someone in the industry and make it more successful.

Speed-Racer1818d ago

The thing is every social network copies from each other these days. I'm at the point where they should just merge all into one and call it a day.

In2iti0n1817d ago

Now that would be something. FaceViGramEr... A combination of Facebook, Vine, Instagram and Twitter.

In2iti0n1818d ago

Bigger fish eat smaller fish. That's the way this works since the beginning of time.

Qrphe1817d ago

It's not stealing, Instagram is providing, to what many is, a better product

fatstarr1817d ago

i think they both cancelled themselves out. in my book. instagram is lacking in creativity while vine is lacking in manipulating features.