Mapping Racist Tweets in Response to President Obama's Re-election

Floating Sheep - During the day after the 2012 presidential election we took note of a spike in hate speech on Twitter referring to President Obama's re-election, as chronicled by Jezebel (thanks to Chris Van Dyke for bringing this our attention). It is a useful reminder that technology reflects the society in which it is based, both the good and the bad. Information space is not divorced from everyday life and racism extends into the geoweb and helps shapes its contours; and in turn, data from the geoweb can be used to reflect the geographies of racist practice back onto the places from which they emerged.

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-Mezzo-2081d ago

The image explains it all.

fatstarr2081d ago

I dont think politics should be allowed on this site, it really brings out the worse in people.

dont even want to express my opinion on this one but this is just bad shame on people.

Software_Lover2081d ago

I get migraines every 4 years. I just hate election time. Especially now with the added influx of social media. I'm bi-partisan. I consider my self severely moderate on MOST ISSUES. I hate the rhetoric on both sides. I gave up trying to have a peaceful political conversation with anyone. IT JUST CANNOT HAPPEN. People hold their politics more dearly than their relationship with Jesus, lol.

Blackdeath_6632080d ago

i second that. politics shouldn't be allowed on the website.

Lord_Sloth2080d ago

Wonder how many were Racist and how many were simply Republican being filtered as Racist, sort of like how I'm automatically called racist simply because I didn't vote for him.

CraigandDayDay2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

Yep I had an Asian coworker (who has a black boyfriend) tell me I didn't vote for Obama "because of the color of his skin and had he been 5 shades lighter that I WOULD have voted for him." She is dead wrong though. I'm white but just because I don't like Obama does NOT make me a racist. Quite the contrary, I was actually FOR Obama the last election. He just hasn't done anything to help us get out of this economic situation.

He's too busy giving faggots the right to marry and letting people murder their unborn precious babies

MikeMyers2080d ago

That last sentence is really mind-boggling. Too bad your parents didn't change their minds.

CraigandDayDay2080d ago

I'm a Christian and we do not believe in gay marriage. God calls it an abomination. And we also do NOT believe in murdering babies aka abortion.

zmanacura2080d ago

Really dude? You call yourself a christian and you refer to them as faggots? Yes God says homosexuality is a sin but heterosexual activity outside of marriage is equal in sinfulness to homosexuality. Quit putting homosexuality on a pedestal.

As a fellow Christian we are called to be witnesses and examples of Christ and his love. Degrading terms about homosexuals is the opposite of what were called to. Examine yourself.

CraigandDayDay2080d ago

I agree that my choice of wording might have been harsh. However, homosexuality is a constant sin that they do not ask forgiveness for. So God won't forgive them for their sin. We are told to ask forgiveness for our transgressions. Homosexuals live in sin and do not ask God to help them change or forgive them for their sin.

That's the difference between that and other sins. Christians ask forgiveness all the time for other sins and God will forgive them as long as they actively try to change their ways. You can't continue to live the sin and expect God to keep forgiving you forever.

On topic I just hope Obama does a better job these next 4 years.

KwietStorm2080d ago

I'm a Christian also. But its not my place to say who can LEGALLY get married or not. God will sort that out on his own terms. You, however, sound like an asshat.

zmanacura2080d ago

Craig. I can assure you homosexuality is not merely a non christian sin. Also thinking a homosexual cannot become a christian is ridiculous. I struggle with lust all the time. That is by definition of the Bible committing adultery in my heart. Therefore i'm just as condemned as the homosexual with repentance. So are you. Have you ever lusted? surely you have. To be clear i don't have homosexual lust it is heterosexual. You have to understand that without Christ you are condemned to hell. Straight or Gay. "christian" or not.

zmanacura2080d ago

Despite what you believe God forgives unrepentant sinners. If you think that you are constantly repenting of constant sin you're fooling yourself. We are born in sin. Corrupted by sin. We are sinful by nature. If you were screwed without repentance none of us would go to heaven. None of us.

When you're life is perfectly empty of sin i'll be ready for you to cast a stone.

Pushagree2079d ago

One large paragraph of logic and reason.

Second small paragraph:I'm a religious zealot who judges others to feel superior to them regardless of the fact that my books says not to do so.

It's too bad you could not have ended that post a sentence earlier.

fatstarr2079d ago

lmao exactly the comment threads that could have been avoided.
its a tech site
your non tech life is irrelevant here.
TMI really.

MikeMyers2079d ago

"I'm a Christian and we do not believe in gay marriage."

That's fine but 'we' does not equal to all. What YOU believe in is what YOU believe in. It's not my place to agree or disagree with your beliefs because that is all they are, beliefs.

The problem I have is your ignorant connection between Obama and his ability to do his job based on his beliefs. I wouldn't hire someone based upon what religion they support or the color of their skin. There is no connection between religion and who makes a better President.

People need to keep their mouths shut.

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boc2080d ago

I'm just wondering, what the hell does any of this crap have to do with gaming?!

Thepcz2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

but while we are on the subject, i have many black friends etc, and they all 'bang on' about obama, how much of a great guy he is, the black females post pictures of michelle and sing her praises, the guys post images of obama and sing his praises.. They worship the guy. but....

you know, well, i do, that none of that would be happening if he was white. when he won the election they even posted status' on facebook congratulating obama and his family on his victory. i know they would never extend such... open praise for a winning candidate if they were white.

i bite my tongue all the time and want to call them all racist and hypocrites, their pride blurring their political opinions and plain sense. its simply racist.

i dont know why black people champion obama anyway,and credit him as the first black president... he isn't even black for a start, and secondly, he isn't of slavery ancestry, so the 'struggle' most black people strive to emancipate themselves from, obama knows nothing about. Obama doesn't represent black people at all. but most people can't see past his 'tanned' skin. Ie- one drop of 'black blood' is enough to qualify him as black.

it actually makes me cringe

fatstarr2079d ago

now im getting absorbed, know it goes against my comments but smh.
Im black if you didn't know, we love obama because of what hes done/doing. no presidents since Clinton really cared about us or gave any bit of care for us.
Just like all successful things in our culture we care about and respect them and look up to them. I would rather a young child have Michelle Obama as a role model than Nikki Minaj.

also how do we know that wouldnt happen (response to your second paragraph) if he was white where have you been this internet social media stuff is all brand new to the world. if we had the internet in the 90s bill Clinton would be praised and he would get the same social network treatment.

want to see racist watch fox news when it comes to obama.
and your 3rd paragraph, wow and Obama may or may not be from those deep deep slave roots but he still receives the hate, ignorance and racist actions to his name. there's no difference on your culture roots or heritage just that you look black you get that treatment.

OBAMA is the best president to this generation so far, and that cop out claiming he did nothing but raise debt pfft where were we for the 8 years of bush and his spending??

Thepcz2079d ago

@ fatstarr

by the way, who said i'm not black? my point is, you would never see black women posting pictures of hillary clinton and commenting how great a woman she is. or any white woman for that matter. same for black males, we'll see in the future anyway, when these so-called political enthusiasts only have two white candidates to choose from, will they be posting pictures and wishing their family well? highly doubtful. there is a term which sums up that behaviour- racist.

having somebody to look up to is fine, but looking past policies and putting them in control of the country simply because they belong to the same race as you, thats racist. giving treatment to somebody you usually wouldn't= racist.

No, obama may be the victim of discrimination, but on a emotional/psychological level, he wont have those deep rooted insecurities. note how africans from africa dont have certain social insecurities that africans raised in the west (from a slavery blackground) do? They dont have those chains on their mind. Obama doesn't either.

dont get me wrong, i would vote obama lol but his colour would have absolutely nothing to do with it. i wouldn't even mention his colour- as many black people do. i wouldn'#t post pics of his family and act as if they are extended members of my family- as many black people do. heck, i dont do that with anyone else, so why would i do it with obama? I would vote for him based on his policies and nothing else.

so i do actually think the most racist thing, is the way 'people of colour' blind vote for him, not somebody calling him racist names on twitter. its racism that gives him power

specialguest2080d ago

Are you lost? This isn't n4g. This is techspy which covers tech and web related stuff like twitter.