Google+ Traffic Jumps 13-Fold After Opening to the Public

Mashable: "Opening up Google+ to the masses brought in a huge influx of new visits last week, finds Hitwise.

The researcher estimates the site received about 15 million U.S. visits for the week ending Sept. 24 vs. 1.1 million the previous week. The network’s 13-fold gain in visits came five days after it opened the site to the public. Research from Google+ watcher Paul Allen showed a 30% jump in users in two days and a base of 43 million users."

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Prophet-Gamer2454d ago

AT LAST! Hopefully this will provide some serious competition to Facebook. I'm so damn tired of Facebook's useless feature and complete lack of care. Seriously, competition is the best thing for us consumers, it'll make both Facebook and Google+ compete for our attention thus we win as we get better services :)! Hooray!

Sahil2453d ago

Going public definitely helped Google+s. Now its next challenge would be to get share of user’s social time from Facebook. Is there any study on social time split between Fb and + for users that have profiles on both?