How the next Xbox can win the cable TV war

Cnet - The battle for the future of television is just beginning, but it looks to be a long one. One of the key players is Microsoft, which has spent the past several years morphing its Xbox 360 from a straight-up gaming console into one of the best video-streaming boxes you can buy.

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-Mezzo-1859d ago

Xbox is winning the wrong war.

That-Guy1857d ago

They got lost on the battlefield.

pop-voxuli1857d ago

Exactly, what it needs to focus on is the games war, which it is on the fast track to loosing.

Godmars2901857d ago

Except they're making money from the proto-cable side of XBL. More money from the games side apparently.

Didn't notice the potential issue of the PS3 becoming the #1 device people watch Netflix on despite having it all to themselves for months, that most if not all the apps they're going to offer will be on the PS4 - and I'm hoping for GoogleTV on it - but I guess we'll all learn if they're doing enough just to make a profit when its finally announced.