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Sony PlayStation 4 passes 7 million in worldwide sales

1d 20h ago - Sony's PlayStation 4 console has been steadily racking up sales since its November launch, and it... | Gadgets

Sony claims PS4 is 43 times more powerful than the PS2

38d ago - ExtremeTech: By now, even if you don’t consider yourself a hardware nerd, you probably know that... | Gadgets

Console Market Is In Crisis

39d ago - TechCrunch - A few days ago Sony announced it has now sold a total of 6 million PlayStation 4 con... | Gadgets

New Sony GDC Session to Focus on 'Innovation', Could Reveal PS4 VR Headset

41d ago - VRFocus - Sony has added a new date to its schedule for the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2014... | Gadgets

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

Sony Says The DualShock 4 “Share” Button Has Been Used 100 Million Times

45d ago - ThatNaijaBlog - Four months of the PlayStation 4 gives Sony enough bragging rights and they are n... | Gaming

Agharta Studio on Console VR: ‘We are definitely in!’

45d ago - VRFocus: There’s a lot of noise surrounding virtual reality (VR) these days, especially concernin... | Gadgets

Over 1,000 Employees Are Laid Off at Sony Electronics and PlayStation; Are More Cuts Inbound?

51d ago - SonyRumors: In the last 24 hours, over 1,000 employees have lost their jobs at Sony Electronics a... | Industry

Playstation 4 Supply Will Be Limited Until April

52d ago - Business Insider - Hoping to get your hands on a PlayStation 4? Have you been waiting since Novem... | Gadgets

A Console-breaking bug could destroy your PS4

86d ago - Vyralize: Error CE-34878-0 could erase your game data, render games unplayable, or destroy your P... | Gaming

PlayStation 4 Poses for a Jaw-Dropping X-Ray Photoshoot

87d ago - The Budapest University of Technology and Economics are obviously not opposed to som... | Culture

Sony at CES: 4.2M PlayStation 4 consoles sold in 2013

100d ago - CNET- The Japanese electronics company says the PlayStation 4 launch was the biggest console laun... | Gadgets

Michael Pachter Says PS4 Will Probably Outsell Wii U by Spring Globally

106d ago - GamerFitnation-The PlayStation 4 is on track to pass the Wii U's lifetime sales by April or May,... | Gaming

Xbox One/PlayStation 4 Voice Control Pranks To Play On Friends

109d ago - GamerFitNation: "Voice control – the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both have it, so you know what th... | Gaming

PS4s and Xbox Ones on eBay for Cheap, But Sellers Adding $500 Shipping Costs

111d ago - TechnoBuffalo: "If you came into some cash for the holidays and you’ve been trying to get a PlayS... | Gaming

Gamer Fit Holiday Gift Guide 2013

115d ago - GFN: It is almost that time of the year to spread the love and pick that perfect gift for love on... | Culture

The Fit Gamer Girls Holiday Gift Guide

115d ago - GamerFitNation: The Fit Gamer Girls Holiday Gift Guide with Sharon Garwood. It's a List of Holida... | Gadgets

PlayStation 4 Stock So Low Sony President Gives Up His Console So They Could Sell It

122d ago - Mirror.The PS4 shortage is so severe that even US Sony boss Jack Tretton doesn't have one saying... | Gaming

Sony Posts Thank You Video After Biggest PlayStation Launch Ever

125d ago - TechnoBuffalo: "Did you participate in Sony’s big PlayStation 4 launch? After selling one million... | Gaming

The PS4 and Xbox One: How this generation’s homogeneity could kill the game console

131d ago - ExtremeTech- Two consoles, both alike in resolution, In fair America, where we lay our scene, Fr... | Gaming

The Ultimate PS4 Troubleshooting Guide

147d ago - Gadget Mill: Sony recently launched the PlayStation 4 in North America which saw them sell more t... | Gaming

Maydaystation: A Step-By-Step Guide to Fixing your PS4

148d ago - Vyralize: Over the last month a number of hardware errors have been reported from PS4 owners, eve... | Gaming

PlayStation 4 Hardware Review @Gamerfitnation

149d ago - "The PlayStation 4 hardware is finally here. PlayStation hardware has always been touted for its... | Gaming

The Playstation 4 Costs Sony $381 For Hardware Alone

149d ago - HardwarePal : The Playstation 3, when first released in 2006 was being sold out at a loss on the... | Gaming

Sony sells one million PS4 units in 24 hours

149d ago - Vyralize: After listening to all of the hype over the last few months regarding the Playstation 4... | Gaming

PS4 Black Market Sale Leads To Murder

150d ago - HardwarePal : Johnson arranged a customer and a location to sell one of his pre-ordered Playstati... | Gaming
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