PS4 Is It Really Worth It?

GamerFitNation: The PS4 has officially been announced this past week as Sony’s next generation console. From the announcement the system looks like it is full of new and exciting features such as 8GB of unified memory (the PS3 only had about half a GB split between its video and system ram) and x86 architecture which makes the PS4 very much like a PC. The system’s graphics look better than ever; they are all finely detailed and textured.

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fredolopez1936d ago

it's worth it if you're gonna use it.

GuyThatPlaysGames1935d ago

True. This article sounds like either it's from a PC gamer bashing PS4 or a broke-ass gamer lol

KingPin1935d ago

it could also be from a broke-ass PC gamer.

just saying. ;)

1Victor1936d ago

does it matter? both PS4 and the next xbox will sell millions and only a biased person will deprive himself of ether system

KwietStorm1935d ago

So tired of this mentality.

360ICE1935d ago

It's because of people like you we haven't gotten to Mars yet.

"Captain, are we gonna get there alive"
Does it matter? We've spent billions of dollars and are floating around in space.

Deku-Johnny1936d ago

It depends how much it costs really, it has great specs but at the end of the day no matter how powerful it is a £600 price tag doesn't warrant buying it.

mushroomwig1936d ago

Where are you getting £600 from? It won't be anywhere near that amount, £300/350 seems likely.

Deku-Johnny1936d ago

Because the Wii U costs £300 and is being sold at a loss. The PS4 is about 3 or 4 times as powerful as the Wii U. If the PS4 sells at a similar price to the Wii U Sony will be losing hundreds on each unit sold and in their current financial state they really can't afford to do that.

JP13691935d ago

A large portion of the Wii-U's price is being taken up by that ridiculous controller. PS4 could sell at $400 for base model and $500 for a premium package that would help Sony minimize the loss of the basic model.

gaffyh1935d ago

@Deku - PS3 was £425 in the UK at launch, and was using proprietary technology. There's no way the PS4 will be more than that, and it's extremely likely that we're looking at a £300-350 price point.

R6ex1935d ago

This "$600" PS4 can output better graphics than my $2000 PC.

Worth it?

You tell me!

snoop_dizzle1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

If it's around $300 or $400 I probably will jump on it. But I may hold off for a while.

I will be interested to see the exclusives the Xbox 720 gets. If most end up on the PC (which I mostly play) the PS4 might be the only next gen console I own. I owned a 360 and a PS3 this generation and am glad I did, but after starting to PC game again, and exclusives becoming rarer, PC gaming is where I mostly game now (my PC is connected to a home theater and a TV as a primary display, so it's more lounge gaming like a console).

Although, I will probably use the PS4 mostly for multimedia and Blu-ray with some gaming on the side, which I do now with my PS3. But as it is, my PS3 (an original 60gb PS3, actually) still is running strong, so I shall wait and see.

KwietStorm1935d ago

I keep seeing people mention $300 and I don't understand why. Wii U is 350. 300 is not anywhere near realistic, Not even just hoping for it. I'd say between $400-500, maybe right in the middle.

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The story is too old to be commented.