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The 2016 Presidential Campaign – a News Event That’s Hard to Miss

7d ago - About nine-in-ten Americans learn about the election in a given week, but they are divided over t... | Web

Comcast 'Only' Lost 36,000 Pay TV Subscribers Last Year, Prompting Renewed Cord Cutting Denial

8d ago - Despite 2015 being a banner year statistically for cord cutting, you're going to see a renewed su... | Industry

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Comcast interested in 600 MHz spectrum, possibly for mobile broadband

9d ago - An upcoming Federal Communcations Commission auction of 600 MHz wireless spectrum, previously res... | PC hardware

10 Most Hardcore Android Smart TV Devices at CES 2016

24d ago - Smart TV's are everywhere, and Chromecast/Google Cast have opened the market wide open. Hardcore... | Video

Antennas are Sexy and don't let anyone else Convince you Otherwise.

24d ago - The Man Cave Cinema writes: We here at The Man Cave Cinema believe that using an antenna to watch... | Industry

Crashing and Burning: Local TV, Al Jazeera and ESPN

25d ago - Crashing and Burning: Local TV Stations, Al Jazeera, TV Commercials, and ESPN. Many of the pillar... | Industry

Cord-Cutter Confidential's predictions for 2016

26d ago - 2015 was a major turning point for the shift away from cable TV. Here’s what to expect in the yea... | Web

After SeeSo, NBC plans six more niche streaming services

32d ago - Instead of duplicating its main TV network online, NBC sees a chance to scratch specific itches. | Web

Hands-on: Skreens displays feeds from up to 4 devices on your TV simultaneously | PC World

32d ago - This TV box fills a single screen with up to four HDMI inputs that can be resized and moved at will. | Video

What is Ultra HD Premium and why are all TV makers betting on it?

33d ago - Television giants from Panasonic to Samsung and LG have revealed the “world’s first” Ultra HD Pre... | Gadgets

Samsung’s modular TV is the future display of your dreams

34d ago - Samsung’s modular TV can transform from one giant TV into eight small ones, plus it enables the b... | Hi-tech

IntuiTV is an unremarkable TV box with a really cool E-Ink remote

36d ago - Low-power display tech could allow for customizable buttons and context-based menus. Why hasn’t a... | Video

Canada Prepares To Force Cable Companies To Provide Cheaper, A La Carte TV

36d ago - In March of last year, Canadian regulators announced they were combating high TV prices by trying... | Video

Thousands Of Chicago Comcast Customers Could Lose HD Service Because Of Old Boxes

38d ago - Comcast is just about ready to flip the switch on upgrades to its network in Chicago, but thousan... | Video

Google reveals more hardware partners for Android TV and Google Cast

39d ago - Google is making new friends and partners as it continues to expand the reach of its Android TV a... | Industry

CES 2016: High Dynamic Range TV Finally Gets A Standard You Can (Just About) Understand

39d ago - With 2016’s TVs about to be unleashed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the HD... | Video

Snip, Snip: Let's Cut the Cable TV Cord?

40d ago - Huffington Post: Amid the champagne and excited chatter of a New Year's Eve party in San Francisc... | Web

Cutting the Cord: What won't happen in 2016

40d ago - USA Today: A promising year ahead in streaming video carries many expectations, including more su... | Industry

LG's LCD TV lineup at CES 2016 goes heavy on HDR compatibility

42d ago - The Verge If last year's Consumer Electronics Show was the moment TV manufacturers went all-in... | Culture

HDR - The next-gen future of TV and cinema explained

44d ago - High dynamic range video is the biggest thing to happen to movies and TV since the switch to HD,... | Video

Does binge-watching TV make us dumb?

47d ago - Ask your friends what they did last night or over the weekend, and you’ll likely receive one answ... | Culture

A new transparent metal has been developed for smartphone and TV displays

53d ago - A new type of metal that’s both highly transparent and electrically conductive has been developed... | Gadgets

BT broadens its 4K horizons with Ultra HD Netflix

55d ago - BT TV has just become the first UK television service to be able to deliver Netflix in 4K Ultra H... | Software

Streaming Video Is Developing Into Distinct Genre

58d ago - “Is Netflix TV?” That is the question James Poniewozik says he asked himself when watching the... | Web

Cutting the Cord: More Millennials have streaming service than pay-TV

60d ago - Consumers continue to flock to subscription streaming video services, but providers shouldn't tak... | Web
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