Plasma vs. LCD vs. LED: Which HDTV Type is Best?

PC Mag - For a long time, it was tough to call, but today's rapidly evolving technologies have made it easier to crown a winner in the HDTV display wars.

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-Mezzo-2048d ago

I stumbled upon this article today while searching 'LCD vs Plasma' in google, I'll be buying a new TV soon and even after reading this article i am not so sure which 1 to get.

I browsed a few local stores and narrowed it down to 2 choices.

A 42" LG LED & A Panasonic's 55" 3D Plasma - but i'm not sure which 1 to get as both of them cost the same.

I'll be using it for Gaming mostly.

Help will be appreciated guys.

SnakeCQC2047d ago

it depends on the room if you have a room with lots of natural light go for led as they're brighter but if there is no natural light or if you game at night or can control the light easily go for a plasma. id go for a Samsung led or a Panasonic plasma (both cases make sure its 1080p) lg dont usually have that good colour reproductions(in the store they use very controlled environments where the videos are suited for the very saturated colour profiles they use) whats the model number of the 55 inch panasonic?

wishingW3L2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

at this point TVs have such a high contrast that unless you have a really incredible eye I doubt you'll see a difference between TV's these days; beside temp color of-course. There will always be TVs that look bluer (Samsung) or more reddish (Panasonic) than others and I always go for the reddish ones because the colors look more natural.

Old HDTV's had the problem with lag and ghosting and with the new ones is the dejudder. So what you really need to look into when buying a new TV is not the contrast and color but which one does the best job at smoothing the annoying dejuddering effect. And believe me, if you haven't notice it already, most PS3/Xbox games are at 30 frames and they try to soften the effect with camera based blur and stuff but it doesn't work that well if you ask me. When you move the camera around the evil dejudder is always there ruining the image and making your eyes hurt. And the lower the frame-rate the worse it gets so, it is a real problem for movies which are filmed at 24 frames.

And yes, 240hz fixes it and it's incredibly good for movies but for games it ads tons of lag to the controller and every game will feel heavy like Killzone 2. So concentrate on high-quality panels that do it natively without the help of that gimmick.

Plasma panels > LCD/LED until new tech like OLED comes out.

Baka-akaB2047d ago

It's still a problem if you love fighting games , especially 2d styled ones .

Not only are colours more natural on plasma , but you lose the lag , at least on the excellent brands and models , like most Panasonic viera plasmas .

Kur02047d ago

Buy a Plasma. Its cheaper, better image quality, no ghosting or judder so better for gaming.

black9112047d ago

I have a Samsung PN51E8000(Rate IT). For gaming on my PS3 and watching Bluray and Tv in HD. Amazing. Just rate it and let me know if I made a good choice.

level 3602047d ago

Definite need to know - Plasma emits more heats plus consumes more electricity and are heavier than LED/LCD screens.

So if you're a gamer and are concerned with efficiency go for the LED/LCD. Period.

Also before they said Plasma has a more natural/softer color palette but today LED/LCD has mostly overcome that problem.

Baka-akaB2047d ago

It's better but far from overcome . At least unless you go for higher end models .

Black are still way better on some plasma models , again especially panasonic , and less lag is a definitive advantage for a gamer over electricity consumption

maxpoweraff2047d ago

I've always been a Vizio fan myself. I've been through a number of TVs over the years because I usually keep them on all the time. Its always hard to pick a new TV because of all the different specs and features that are constantly coming out . Pricing for what features the TV has is a big issue I find myself struggling with. One thing I always do is check reviews and pricing on sites like or other sources and check out some reviews on the brand your thinking about getting. Just my two cents.

steven83r2047d ago

I have a 50" Panasonic Plasma i purchased in 08 and it's amazing with bluray and games. The black looks a lot better on plasma as well as color when watching blu ray. Plasma also has higher refresh rate and doesn't have that annoying (to me) soap opera subdrive or whatever (insert company) calls it. Although when the sun is shining through the window i cannot watch tv. My LED is also great for games and movies but doesn't look as vibrant as my plasma. Now top of the line LED is another thing as well as a 2k price tag.

BryanBegins2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

I personnally like the frame extrapolation process (what you clal the soap opera effect). I think it makes sports look better, and blu-ray are crazy good. But I know I'm in the minority here (just look at the reactions from the 48 FPS for the Hobbit lol).

But frame-extrapolation has a clear advantage for gaming. For fast games such as Burnout or Infamous (when you run), the LG trumotion improves the game considerably, everything is so smooth, it's like playing at 60-120fps. If I turn it off, I notice it right away.

If you game, you should go with LED anyway. You can always turn some of the video processing off.

Gohadouken2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

Not really . It has yet to provide any advantages over other solutions like current and high end plasma , for gaming i mean .

You can use the same IFC and extra motion effects on those screens , the color are more vibrant and natural , blacks are way better .

And most of all , led/lcd screens still got high input lag even with game modes or effects desactivated .

Most viera Panasonic sets are also usually the best gaming 3d sets , aside from Sharp's .

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