Sony reveals pricing for its more budget-friendly 4K TVs

Cnet: A 55- and 65-inch Ultra HD LED TVs will be available for order later this month for $4,999 and $6,999, respectively.

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GenericNameHere1483d ago

Well, considering we payed almost $2K on our 42" HDTV back in 2007, this is a PRETTY AWESOME DEAL!

... I just wish I wasn't poor. I would totally buy this along with a PS4 if I could.

Blasphemy1483d ago

HDTVs were about this price when they first came to market.

NewMonday1483d ago

surprising, thought the price drop on 4k would take a few more years to get to this point. still 50% above my pay grade, but it look like getting their quicker than I expected.

hkgamer1483d ago

not bad considering my first 42" SDTV plasma 10 years ago was around £5000.

DarkZane1483d ago

Just wait like 2 years, price will be half what it is now.

fr0sty1483d ago

There is nowhere near enough 4k content available for me to justify this purchase. Maybe if I were a PC gamer that could afford 2 $1000 video cards.

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Tultras1483d ago

I'm sorry but budget friendly and 4k TV's don't belong in the same sentence.

Daver1483d ago

it will at some point, it will

wishingW3L1483d ago

but that point is not now.

adorie1483d ago

It is when some cost upwards of $12k-$20k

cleft51483d ago

If you keep it in perspective, this means that we will see mass market 4ktvs a lot sooner than people originally thought. My sister, who is middle class, spent $3500 on her 60inch 1080p TV. So I could see in a year 4ktvs being priced at around 2k to 4k dollars, if not less.

That price range does make 4k a reality for the middle class, which would be enough to start making 4k media and selling it to them at a profit.

Software_Lover1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )


Im sorry, she got jipped!!

Edit. I take that back. It depends on when she bought it.

cleft51483d ago

It was Bestbuy so she definitely got jipped. I went with her when she brought the tv, just to make sure she didn't get completely cheated. I knew the guy was up selling her, but it was a nice enough hdtv so I kept my mouth shut about the whole thing. That might seem callous, but I know my family and the less I say about their decisions the better.

GraveLord1483d ago

I give it 5 years before we see these TVs being affordable. 10 years before I feel the need to buy one.

FlameBaitGod1483d ago

lool 10 years, are you serious. Not even HD took that long

M-M1482d ago

By that time a newer standard would be out.

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