5 Reasons why 4K TV will fail miserably

Gadget Mill: CES – the show which unleashes the latest technology and gadgets in an all you can eat buffet consumer show is still running wild as I write this blog post. This year we have seen a lot of cool new gadgets which make you ‘wow’ and then on the other hand we have the latest craze known as the 4K TV.

Here are 5 reasons to why 4K TV will fail miserably.

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deadman1211960d ago

I would have mentioned 8K TVs too, but my reasons would have applied to those TV sets much more!

HappyGaming1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

You could have mentioned 16k dude for all we care.

The following article was written in 1998 and tried to predict the future of HDTV by a research team. Not a guy on his computer who still uses the word 'n00b'.

Yet still they got it wrong.

4k is the future, followed by 8k.
3D was not a point of discussion at CES 2013 because it is now a standard which many of the TVs at CES obviously had. 3DTVs are already in every consumer electronics store in the developed world.
Remember CES 2005? We were showing off 1080p TVs that would set you back $5000 2 years later everyone was getting them for 1000 bucks.

Edit: Samsung, Sony, LG... you really think none of them will push for 4k content and support?

New consoles are coming out within a year how can you be sure they wont offer 4k video playback and minigames?

And you think Sony with all its movie studios is making 4k TVs and is not getting ready to release 4k bluray players and disks?

Please answer my questions.

thorstein1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

This guy thinks that Blu Ray failed too, probably.

SilentNegotiator1960d ago

Increased resolutions don't "fail", they become a given over time.

MrDead1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

NHK said they are going to go from HD to 8k and skip 4k support, but we won’t see those screens to buy till 2020. They also say 8k fools your eyes into thinking you are seeing a 3d image.

I still think 4k will do ok as its got a good 10years on the market before we see anything better, I'm sure over that time it will gain support and get some good peripherals.

deadman1211960d ago

I doubt they could jump straight to 8K support as you could see from the article I'm doubtful of 4K TV being supported properly. Its HD all over again, we wasn't ready for it a while back yet other countries such as Japan were. If 4K is supported sometime soon, I just don't see it gaining the support in the UK and USA at least. Lets just wait and see what happens anyway haha.

evil_element1960d ago

Don't think many ppl have $10k to through about.

ziggurcat1960d ago

people didn't have that much money to throw around when plasma/LCD/LED TVs hit the market, which were all about that expensive as well.

the thing people aren't grasping is that the price of those TVs won't be that high forever, and new TV tech is always ridiculous when it's first introduced.

evil_element1959d ago

But we weren't in a global recession back then.

ziggurcat1959d ago

@ evil_element:

how does that change the fact that pretty much all new TV tech is super expensive when it first hits the market?

recession or not (and frankly, canada hasn't really been in any sort of recession - at least that i've noticed - for a long time now), the average person couldn't afford a plasma/LCD/LED TV when they were new, either.

SilentNegotiator1960d ago

Hint: Brand new technology is rarely ever meant for the average Joe. The rich and the businesses get new technology first....that's how it usually works.

ArmrdChaos1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Making the TV is the EASIEST part of this whole equation. Every year CES has to come up with some kind of "Thing" to push each year to help drive interest. The one year it was 3D and we are all seeing how that played out. 4K will come no where to hitting mass market until content providers can provide the service. HD had not hit critical mass until TV stations started televising in HD. They just got done updating their infrastructure to accomplish that and now these companies think that this all going to happen again any time soon? They want you to blow a wad of cash on a 4K TV to do what? Oh invest in a whole new library of improved 4K bluray discs to play on a new 1000 dollar bluray player. I would have rather had them concentrate on getting OLED technology affordable and available.

deadman1211960d ago

Very well said, the OLED point was the icing on the cake! The only time this will be aimed at the mass market is when it is affordable and has an infrastructure to support it. In my opinion foreign countries such as Japan are more likely to adapt this technology quicker than us.

Software_Lover1960d ago

I agree. There are other great technologies out there that these companies can perfect. OLED was the tech we were hearing about before 3D. What happened to it? Let the current HD sets get adopted at a greater rate first. TV was around forever in black and white. Then we got color. Color television was around forever and companies just perfected all their designs.

I would love to see thin OLED 3D smart TV's. 4k can wait. Hell, console games barely push out 720p resolutions and this is the main market, besides movies, that pushes the television tech.

ArmrdChaos1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Agreed... In reference to Japan... A fair number of people love to use the "Japan has it so why can't we?" argument. For one Japan is a relatively small country so it allows them to be far more agile when updating their infrastructures. In the US and other large area nations that kind of change does not happen, mostly due to policies and logistics.

LOL_WUT1960d ago

Someones scared if 4K does become successful thats what I think. ;)

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