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November Contest Winners

Syko|2145d ago |Blog Post|4|

Here are the winners of the November Contest. After a really great month of submissions from newcomers and veterans alike, these members took the top spots and scored some easy cash for the Holiday season. Congratulations and thanks for all the submissions last month.

1. -Mezzo- 37590 $75
2. n4gboy 34300 $50
3. toaster 23840 $50
4. RocknRola 20500 $25
5. ThePundit 14830 $25
6. abracetti 6170 $25
7. shenglongg 5640 $25
8. altairahmad 5050 $25

Congrats again to all the winners and thank you to all the hard working members here at TechSpy. Be sure to check out the December Contest for a chance to grab some cash and prizes.

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Syko2145d ago

Special shout out to my man Racer-X who slaves away for TechSpy while missing out on all the prizes he should be earning every month. The man is a machine and deserves at least a nod for "Actually" getting 6th last month but getting the DQ stamp due to his modship...No one knows why he does it, but it is clearly for the love of the game.

Thanks Racer and a special nod as well to all the first time winners, keep it up.

altairahmad2136d ago

He truly is a machine ! MM - ModMachine !

-Mezzo-2145d ago

Congratulations Guys, i hope this isn't the last i see of you guys. =]

Hats Off To "Racer". :D

toaster2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Rocknrolla overtook me a couple times, that guy is getting good for a newcomer so hats off to him.

Congrats to everyone else!