The Steps You Should Take to Secure Your Facebook Account

RWW - We have written frequently about the various security loopholes that are part of Facebook but never described the step-by-step process that you need to take to lock things down. Now someone has done it for us. Cameron Camp, researcher for ESET, has put together such a step-by-step guide to controlling privacy and security on Facebook. Reviewing this post it is clear that many of us aren't as secure as we want to be, and we're not just talking here about our exes or prospective employers being able to check up on us.

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Wintersun6162429d ago

There's only one step needed, and it's superior to all the others;

Don't get a Facebook account. If you already have it, remove and hide everything you can, remove your account and never go back.

fatstarr2425d ago

I just stopped putting private info on facebook especially after I seen time line smh too in depth about me.

-Mezzo-2425d ago

Same Here, it's been over a year since i last opened up my Account, or updated my Status.