Google+ Opening To The Public July 31st

This morning on the Google+ page on Facebook it was announced that Google+ will be going public on July 31st.

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fatstarr2407d ago

haha i said the same thing.

also how will this work
i dont wanna start over. im a level 10 Google + dragon ____ i cant restart now.

Harelgur2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

why? :O
Edit: oh, they wrote that on Facebook xD

Speed-Racer2407d ago

But google plus has been public for some time? I registered two accounts from scratch just last week (to test the principle)

fatstarr2407d ago

Probably public like adds everywhere and news stories so the casual sheep can join in.

also prolly putting g+ out there so everyone knows about it. and i mean everyone :/ id at least hope for it it be 17+ or something.

codyodiodi2407d ago

As long as it has good features to block people, that's all that I care about.

Jihaad_cpt2406d ago

well not everyone can join, I could not create an account.

BubbleSniper2406d ago

I can confirm the sheep are starting to trickle in... source: me!

JD_Shadow2406d ago

Umm...excuse me for being the dense person in this discussion, but can someone please explain what Google+ is? This is the first time I'm hearing of it's existence.

lukasz2406d ago

facebook what the hell google plus is facebooks nemesis