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Appliance Science: The illuminating physics behind LED lights

Cnet - LED lights are the latest thing in home lighting, using less energy and lasting longer than their incandescent cousins. How do they work? Find out in the latest installment of Appliance Science.

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Sahil1476d ago

I have yet to see any LED last close to the estimated life span, most die within 1.5 years.

Sahil1476d ago

The cost expense of LED alone vs the cost & energy savings when compared to a cfl which in the most will last 2+ years when ran 24/7 is still a much better savings at this point.

Sahil1476d ago

they are still too pricy & until they start offering 10 years of hassle free replacement without the need for a receipt (say register your purchase on the company website then print off RMA's that you can take with the bad bulb to any retailer for an exchange) then I will not buy into it.

Sahil1476d ago

do they have the FCC approved model with hidden microphones & wifi transmitter yet ?, lol