iPhone 5 vs Fake iPhone 5

Kuwaitiful - Instead of comparing the iPhone 5 with competitor devices I thought this comparison deserved more publicity. Don’t mean to burst Apple’s bubble but some of you are better off getting a fake iPhone 5. For one it has better overall specs for half the price. No complaints about the operating system since it runs on Android.

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-Mezzo-2106d ago

WTF, Fake iPhone 5 seems to be better than the Apple's iPhone 5. Plus it's only $299.

That's Just Sad.

Clarence2106d ago

The 16gb iPhone 5 is $199. The fake iPhone does not have LTE

fatstarr2106d ago

LTE is all it takes for you?

spec wise the fake phone is better than its competitor for a fraction of the cost.

expandable memory
Dat tegra 3
Andorid 4.0 > ios 6

fei-hung2105d ago

$199 on an overpriced contract! not $199 to be purchased offline.

HiddenMission2106d ago

Yep I would have to agree the fake was way better...I guess Apple should start listening to the rumor before they start building the next iPhone.

Kaneda2106d ago

iOS theme.. fake is better.. hahahaaa...

ZombieNinjaPanda2106d ago

What is with that price? 850 dollars? That's outrageous for a phone.

Speed-Racer2106d ago

No contract phones are very expensive usually.

ZombieNinjaPanda2106d ago

An 850$ price point for such a small item though, there are so many things in that price range I could compare it to that would be better worth the money spent.

Speed-Racer2106d ago

When I bought my Nexus One back in the hay days (no contract), I paid about close to $700 for it. Either way (contract or none) you end up paying a lot. With a contract, they make back their money when your phone bill comes.

Clarence2105d ago

no contract phone will cost 650

@fatstar its a knockoff phone of course its going to be cheaper.
How can you be excited about knockoff iOS 6

fatstarr2106d ago


out done by your shadow clone.

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