No Nudity allowed on SkyDrive…but why?

TFP: Microsoft gives BS excuse for cracking down on nudity.

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Speed-Racer1977d ago

Oh well, I'll stick with Dropbox.

adorie1977d ago

This is why Skydrive is going to be pushed aside for the competition.

Speed-Racer1977d ago

I thought Google was getting too corporate on us, but damn, Microsoft takes the cake on this. Seriously too restrictive.

Yi-Long1976d ago

... what's wrong with nudity and why should it be banned!?

Syko1976d ago

Keep Ur SmuTz off Mai SkYdriveZ!!

SJIND1976d ago

Chances are pretty likely Google does the same exact thing with their Drive service - they just don't advertise it. But, you can be sure they are running the same type of image recognition software of all of the images you're uploading...

Speed-Racer1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Dropbox is not Google.

Hayabusa 1171976d ago

Don't know about Google, but I can verify that Dropbox definitely don't censor images...

wishingW3L1976d ago

This society now makes me feel like I'm committing a crime every time I go to take a bath.

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Megaton1977d ago

Pfft, what kinda puritan nonsense is this? My Fornax backups are safe and sound inside Dropbox.

Snooki1977d ago

Where am I going to store naked pics of myself now?

Wintersun6161976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Ummm, Facebook? And leave them public. Yeah, I think you just might do that. :)

SJIND1976d ago

Maybe they don't want to be a host to something very popular... ha ha ha

Crazay1976d ago

Well, here's the thing...I don't store nude pics of my wife or any of the people I have naked pics of on the internet. I keep all the girls in my pocket on my phone! BOOYA!

sjaakiejj1976d ago

So any form of nudity = child pornography? This seems like a weak excuse. Child Pornography isn't allowed on other services either, and it's only sensible that you would check what users upload to classify it for that reason - but to not allow any nudity at all? They didn't even answer that question.

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