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66% of Aussie Downloaders Also Pay For Netflix-like Services

2d ago - While people who obtain content from unofficial online sources are often painted as freeloaders,... | Netflix

Which is the best TV and movies streaming service?

2d ago - The Guardian compares Netflix, Amazon, Sky, Wuki, TalkTalk TV(Blinkbox), Google Play and iTunes | Video

Netflix Wants to Be a Great Carrot For ‘Real’ Pirates

14d ago - Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has responded to the recent backlash over the company's VPN crackdown.... | Web

VPN Providers Laugh Off Netflix's New Futile War On VPNs

17d ago - Tech Dirt: Last week, we noted that the press spent much of the week hysterically claiming Netfli... | Web

Netflix now has more than 75 million subscribers

17d ago - Netflix released its earnings statement for the fourth quarter of 2015 today, revealing a record... | Culture

Here’s a nifty little trick to unlock Netflix’s world of hidden categories

18d ago - These secret Netflix codes will unlock a world of hidden categories you may have never known exis... | Web

Despite battling for net neutrality, Netflix sees no problem with T-Mobile’s Binge On

18d ago - Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says he doesn’t have a problem with T-Mobile’s controversial Binge On s... | Services

Netflix is unsure of God's plan for television

18d ago - These are vital questions for all human beings, but particularly for those humans in the streamin... | Services

Netflix shares jump as customers numbers surge

18d ago - Netflix says its customer numbers grew more than expected last quarter, sending its US-listed sha... | Service provider

Outdated Licensing Is To Blame For Netflix's Crack Down on VPNs

19d ago - In early January, streaming movie service Netflix went live in more than 130 new countries, signa... | Web

Netflix hits back at NBC's claims over ratings

19d ago - Netflix's Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, has hit back at US broadcaster NBC over claims abo... | Netflix

Netflix Staying Out of Ratings 'Arms Race'

19d ago - It's become enough of a ritual that Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos kicked off the Q&A... | Industry

Why Netflix VPN ‘Pirates’ (Shouldn't) Terrify Hollywood

19d ago - This week Netflix announced that it would ramp up its crackdown on VPN and proxy pirates. The dec... | Web

VPN Providers Condemn Netflix Blocking Crackdown

19d ago - VPN providers have unanimously condemned Netflix's crackdown on subscribers who use so-called unb... | Web

Why you can't have everything: The Netflix licensing dilemma

20d ago - Netflix has shut off VPN users and these paying subscribers are crying foul. But the move is less... | Web

Netflix’s VPN Ban Isn’t Good for Anyone—Especially Netflix

22d ago - After expanding to nearly ever country in the world, Netflix is already in danger of alienating i... | Web

Netflix will block the use of proxies for geo-restricted content in the ‘coming weeks’

24d ago - As Netflix continues to ramp up its global credentials, the video-streaming company is going all... | Video

Comcast-Funded Think Tank: Broadband Usage Caps Make Netflix Streaming Better. You're Welcome.

24d ago - Techdirt: As we've noted for some time, the broadband industry (and all the think tanks and polit... | Web

Netflix says it’s ‘not obvious’ how to limit use of VPNs

26d ago - Netflix Inc. managed a global rollout of its service to 130 new countries last week without a sin... | Web

Netflix CEO Says Account Sharing Is OK

27d ago - Remember when HBO’s CEO said the company was cool with users sharing their HBO GO passwords? Well... | Industry

Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post

The biggest challenge standing between Netflix and global domination

29d ago - Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings spoke with little timidity on Wednesday when he said the wo... | Industry

Use These Secret Codes to Unlock Netflix's Hidden Categories

30d ago - Gizmodo- Here’s a trick that’s been around for a while but may have passed you by: secret categor... | Web

Netflix Officially Launched in India, Plans starting from Rs 500

31d ago - GizmoRead: At CES 2016, Reed Hastings announces the Launch of their online streaming service Netf... | Web

Netflix is Now Global

32d ago - The world's most popular on-demand media streaming service is now available in over 190 countries... | Web

Netflix and LG are collaborating to offer prepaid Netflix access around the world

33d ago - Netflix is just starting its CES 2016 keynote, a speech that's set to focus on the mammoth intern... | Industry
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