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Verizon Now The Fastest Netflix ISP After Shutting Down Their Netflix Competitor

9d ago - Cord Cutter News: Verizon just official shut down their Netflix competitor Red Box Instant this m... | Industry

Netflix raises prices for 4K streaming for new users

13d ago - Get ready for next generations streaming. New users get an increase from $7.99 to $11.99 for 4K s... | Industry

Netflix Turns Down Deal To Show Ads

16d ago - Cord Cutters News: Recently Fox News Business reported that Netflix turned down a deal from Ritz... | Industry

3 Netflix secrets you need to know

47d ago - With over 50 million subscribers in 40 countries, Netflix is the most popular TV show and movie s... | Industry

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Highlighting how Monstrous Comcast is for Everyone

50d ago - Tech Analyzer: "In the instances where Netflix wasn't paying a toll, you the Comcast customer... | Services

Amazon Fire TV Now Available In The UK

51d ago - Back in April Amazon announced their Fire TV set top box in the US, and today they have made it a... | Gadgets

Console TV App Faceoff

51d ago - Matt at Codec Moments writes: "You can now get your favourite films and TV programmes streame... | Software

Netflix Reveals VR Interface as Part of Hack Day Experiments

64d ago - VRFocus - Netflix and the Oculus Rift certainly seems like an intriguing mash up. With 360 degree... | Gadgets

Netflix’s massive new content wave is going to put unprecedented pressure on HBO

77d ago - BGR - The future keeps happening. Facebook just passed IBM in market cap and now Netflix has pass... | Services

Netflix Now Has Higher Subscription Revenue Than HBO

77d ago - Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has long stated that he considers HBO -- not cable operators -- Netflix... | Web

Netflix is now also paying AT&T to improve streaming quality

87d ago - AT&T has become the latest company to sign a deal with Netflix to ensure that the company's strea... | Services

Want to beat Verizon's slow Netflix? Get a VPN

98d ago - Yet another person has stepped forward to claim that Verizon is deliberately throttling Netflix t... | Web

5 Things Wii U Netflix Desperately Needs

100d ago - N247 writes:I happen to use Netflix extensively on my Wii U, it’s my go to app when I’m not gamin... | Video

Google, Facebook, Netflix Make Their Official Case for Net Neutrality

102d ago - The lobbying group for the world's largest Internet companies made its official case for broad ne... | Web

Watching Netflix on Verizon? You may be getting screwed

102d ago - It’s bad news for Verizon customers trying to stream content on Netflix. According to June 2014′s... | Web

Netflix CEO Q&A: Picking a fight with the Internet service providers

104d ago - Reed Hastings recently stood before new employees packed into the company’s campus movie theater,... | Industry

The war of words continues: Verizon says Netflix is the one causing internet congestion

105d ago - Verizon, in an ongoing and escalating war of words with Netflix, put up a blog post today arguing... | Web

Verizon Working With Netflix to Improve Streaming Quality

106d ago - Bloomberg Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) said it’s “aggressively” working with Netflix Inc.... | Services

Netflix Pays People For Watching Movies All Day

108d ago - Everyone’s dream job is here – getting paid for watching movies and TV all day long. Your only jo... | Services

Slingshot Opens Up Netflix to Kiwis

108d ago - NZ Herald: Slingshot has just made it a lot easier for its customers to access television and... | Web

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Netflix refuses to comply with Verizon’s “cease and desist” demands

137d ago - Netflix said Monday it will not stop telling consumers that Internet service providers are to bla... | Web

Verizon sends Netflix cease and desist over streaming quality warnings

141d ago - The Verge: erizon has sent Netflix a cease and desist order demanding that it stop presenting its... | Culture

John Oliver wants the internet's worst trolls to yell at the FCC

145d ago - The Verge: John Oliver is asking the internet's worst trolls to take the "badly spelled vile" the... | Culture

Netflix Cuts Off New Zealand Users

150d ago - Cord Cutters News: New Zealand Netflix users say they have been cut off from the United States te... | Industry

Google Gives Netflix Free Access to Fiber Fast Lane, Calls It a "Win-Win" Situation

154d ago - Maximum PC: Net neutrality is one of the biggest topics on the web right now, and lest anyone thi... | Industry
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