Netflix Signs Exclusive Deal With Dreamworks


Netflix has signed an exclusive deal with Dreamworks Animation which will allow them to stream content from the studio to Netflix. The deal will allow Netflix to stream content from Dreamworks which previously supplied content to HBO. The contract was negotiated at approximately $30 million per Dreamworks film title.

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Crazay2461d ago

This is VERY VERY BIG news for Netflix. All these people piss and moan about the recent price increase but it's the need to get deals like this in place that help to justify the rise.

Sahil2461d ago

It would've been more amazing, if it was Dreamworks in general, not just Dreamworks animation.

Crazay2461d ago

Baby Steps Steps.

Sahil2460d ago

yeah, maybe but i don't see that happening anytime soon.

gaffyh2461d ago

$30 million per title?! That means Netflix is making a LOT more money than I thought they were. I guess it's good news for the customers though, because in the UK the only option we have is LoveFilm and it sucks ass. There was like 1 new film every month, and it was never day & date with the DVD release date.

doctorstrange2461d ago

that seems crazy expensive, that can't be right

Software_Lover2461d ago

Big news. Good decent movies in the Dreamworks archive. But I dont understand why these studios wont allow netflix to just pay them on a per play basis? Or maybe Netflix feels as if its better to pay one lump sum.

Sahil2461d ago

Starting in 2013, films released by dreamworks animation will be first made exclusivly available for viewing on netflix. Between then and now, previously released dreamworks movies will be added to Netflix’s library.