Watching Netflix on Verizon? You may be getting screwed

It’s bad news for Verizon customers trying to stream content on Netflix. According to June 2014′s Netflix USA ISP speed averages, Verizon is still all the way below other major providers with an average speed of just 0.91 Mbps (lower than last month).

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nope1111440d ago

I f***ing hae Verizon. I payed $70 for a crappy 2mbps connection with phone. I switched to Optinum 2 years later and i only pay $55 for a 20mbps connection.

Crazay1440d ago

I pay $95 for a 5MB wireless with 100GB of data.

KillerPwned1440d ago

Verizon is horrible sadly I am stuck with them for now but normally I cant complain about the speeds. I got 10mbps (Sometimes goes around 12 & 13) and phone for $60 a month. The rep I talked to years ago just saw I used a lot of bandwidth and offered me that deal, had it ever since. But I still love to switch to something better and faster someday.