Netflix To Lose 1 Million Subscribers


In light of the recent price increase at Netflix, it made quite a few subscribers mad. Netflix expects to lose around 1 million total subscribers in the short term after the price changes. Price changes that split the streaming and DVD costs separately when they were combined previously which inevitably increase the subscription prices. On top of the price increase Netflix will lose their contract with Starz in February which will cost them around 1,000 total streaming titles from their collection.

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Feldman90001912d ago

Damn. It's over. Half of what's good on Netflix comes from STarz.

mjurek1912d ago

It is very sad, their stock price is dropping, losing customers. I really hope they can rebound. Netflix was the best thing since DVD.

Kurylo3d1912d ago

yea with netflix i canceled my cable tv... went from paying 60 or 70 dollars a month to 7 dollars a month. I hope they get a lot more things to stream... hope starz somehow reconsiders.

fr0sty1912d ago

the movie studios do not like netflix... they see it as a threat and are jacking fees through the roof to kill it.

Fel081912d ago

The beginning of the end. Sad!

Farsendor11912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

lost me also limiting 1 user per streaming is a shame,we have 3 people in our household use netflix.

mjurek1912d ago

They didn't actually limit it, you can still do 2 at a time. Try it for yourself, it still works for me.

Max Power1911d ago

I couldn't share with my brother last month, it prompted me to open my own sub in order for me to stream programs.

Dorwrath1911d ago

I have no issue I can watch one movie downstairs and my kids can watch one upstairs both on the same account.


Dogswithguns1912d ago

I never liked Starz anyway.. but then I don't really like Netflix. I mean I don't like watching movies all that much anyway.. Sad day for Netflix.

mjurek1912d ago

Netflix has many many TV shows, that is what I mostly use it for.

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The story is too old to be commented.