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December Contest Winners

Syko|2212d ago |Blog Post|7|

Here are all the winners for the December Contest. A few new names in the mix this month as well as the usual suspects. Thanks for another great month guys. Stayed tuned this month as well for all of our live CES coverage from Las Vegas.


The Winners in December are:

1. $75 - -Mezzo-
2. $50 - n4gboy
3. $50 - SquishyGorilla
4. $25 - altairahmad
5. $25 - RocknRola
6. $25 - abracetti


The Winners of a Perplexus Epic are:

- fatstarr
- ThirstyforFanta
- contra157
- dilawer


And the winner of a Perplexus Epic:

- SquishyGorilla

For the Story:

Congrats again to all the winners and thank you to all the hard working members here at TechSpy. Be sure to check out the January Contest for a chance to grab some cash and prizes while we are in Las Vegas for CES.

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Crazay2211d ago

Congrats everyone. That's an awesome way to start the new year.

SquishyGorilla2211d ago

It's only fair I give a shout-out to Racer-X. It's a shame that he doesn't get prize mentions in these posts, due to being a mod; but he does a helluva lot for Techspy!

I'm worried about how much of my working life will be consumed by a Perplexus Epic!

Syko2211d ago

It seems harmless enough at first...Then you get a little farther and a little farther. Then heartbreak as that damn ball misses the next obstacle, lol. EVERY TIME!

Syko2210d ago

Prize info sent off today guys. Hopefully prizes will be speedier this month...Had some trouble last month with the Holidays and everything, lol

Speed-Racer2210d ago

Congrats to all. May you all be perplexed this January.

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