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Hello fellow TechSpyers, as we get underway this new year, I'd like to open up a suggestion thread (here) so we can get some ideas on how to make the experience more enjoyable. I'd like to hear your problems and suggestions that you might think may be of benefit to TechSpy and the community.

There is no guarantee that all the suggestions can be implemented, but we will consider all and put the ones we see most beneficial to everyone.

So get to it, let's hear those ideas!

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Syko2194d ago

I suggest our members give us suggestions..?


Sillyace922193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

I have a suggestion, it doesn't really pertain to the Techspy site, but rather another addition to the newsboiler aggregate.

And I'm surprised it doesn't already exist, but a site for Political news.

Some news sources like Fox, CNN, NBC, etc. have some sort of political slant whether it's liberal or conservative or whatever, so in order for readers to be well informed they'd have to read from multiple sources, and if they was one site that aggregated all those stories and news information, they could absorb all that information without a the hassle of going to all those other sites.

Just looking at these comments make me think that something like that would be somewhat popular
Especially now, with the republican primaries going on and the election coming in November.

I definitely wouldn't mind helping out with that site.

But that also brings something else to mind, if newsboiler were to branch out into more aggregations, there should be a central hub to get all the most popular news from all it's aggregations, like all the hottest news from Techspy, FilmWatch, 11x2, Political site, maybe some other sites that may come to be (with the exception of N4G, unless properly regulated), and it'd be an aggregate of an aggregrate, so they'd get all varieties of news within one site, and if they'd want to go specifically into Tech news or Political news they could.

That's what I would do at least.

Captain Tuttle2190d ago

A political site would be interesting. So would a Financial news site.

gaffyh2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

This is my suggestion, please can you change the story channels? For example we should have:
Tablets, Android, and iOS sections. Video and Audio should be combined under one channel, like Audio/Video or something. Maybe a general "Apps" section too.

Also, is there anyway (I'm sure there is) to standardize the submission format automatically. For example when someone submits a story from, the submission system checks the base URL and in teh description section it puts 'Apple writes: "PUT TEXT HERE"'. TBH, I think that could be done in the backend automatically.

snoop_dizzle2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

What is a suggestion really anyway?

(Existential question)


SquishyGorilla2194d ago

Well, I don't really have worthwhile suggestions; but my problem (as Syko probably knows from when I messaged him about it a while back) is how long your articles can stay in pending. If they are current event stories, the time they go live is when it's old news.

I first suggested altering the ratio of pieces approved to pieces submitted that you have to do, to something that favours piece approvals more. But that could bring down the quality of the pieces making it through. I know you open the floor to us; but what kinds of ideas have you had about the service?

fatstarr2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Tech spy forums?
group chats via google+?
interesting videos section.
computer builds section ex recommended builds
show off your swag section? phone, comp, techy equip, man cave?

A database similar to
to see how much movies,shows you have seen.
but like a geeky techspy version of it.

a sandbox environment for practicing code lol?
... just giving random thoughts

a spotlight section on the site call it "today in tech"

poll systems for a weekly poll?
user reviews and a product database?

a real time tech spy chat system thats on 24/7 and you can chat and have convos anytime on the site.

Syko2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Some Suggestions I will be attempting to relay to the Bosses:

- User Review's. Much like N4G's User Review Section, this will give the users the ability to review any Gadget or Phone they recently bought and will be a great way to build a community about and around the stuff we are actually using.

- Improved Blog section. A Blog section that acts more like a forum post so you can write up a topic you like and include Pictures, Links and text all in an easy to use, easy to understand format that let's you create great looking blogs quickly and easily.

- Integrated Friend Zone. While this is a feature already I would like to make it a more prominent feature of the site. In such a way that you can view what your friends are up to much like PSN/LIVE does. Currently in Pending...Submitting a story. Reading "X" Story etc. Plus a way to view the last few stories they have read and even stories they have favorited over the past few days.

These are just a few examples of changes I am working on with the bosses but you can give me feedback and tell me what you think. Just reply to this comment.

Sound off Minions!!! Show me your Big Boy Voice! lol

C_Menz2190d ago

I agree with the reviews.

Sillyace922190d ago

One more thing too, I just thought of. Can you implement a notification/pm system to alert you if a story you reported was fixed? I thought that was already in there, but I guess not, I have to manually go back into the pending section and search to see if it was actually fixed or not, and would make the process a whole lot easier and faster.

Syko2189d ago

Ya that is a good one Sillyace, I will include that in my State of the Union address to the bosses ha ha. Thanks.

C_Menz2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Well, I don't know how exactly this would work given the name is TechSpy. But expanding the range of appropriate stories may help boost the traffic and users.

As mentioned above some sort of politics(although I don't think ti would mesh well with techspy). But things like science/astronomy/nature may work out well.

I submit some astronomy related pieces from time to time since I think that people interested in technology would appreciate them. Science/Nature would expand to other markets, for example a recent story that could grab more viewers.

At least with this it would allow the less serious members to submit stories they find and want to share. N4G is largely comprised of this since while there are members who post their own sites there are much more users who just submit stories they find without having any tie to them. Personally I don't have a website but always try and submit stories that I read on a daily basis that are not already here. However the majority of the time there isn't enough "tech news" to allow more stories/submissions than there already are in a day.

Speed-Racer2190d ago

Science stuff is definitely a suggestion I'm pushing for as well. I know other tech blogs and aggregate sites cover it, so why can't we.

Syko2189d ago

You think a Science/Medicene Category would cover a lot of these story types? I also usually submit these types of stories but often just submit them under Hi-Tech and/or Culture.

Speed-Racer2189d ago

IMO yes. A lot of the sciency and nature stuff could go under that category. I guess more tech physics stuff could always go under Hi-Tech, but if it's another field that doesn't involve technology, Science would do well for it.

fatstarr2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

A dJ section would be nice lol.

or a Musical equip/programs and new things. Like just recently NAMM 2012 occurred that would have given 50 stories easily on all the new products and inventions.

Also a Mods/gadget hacks section.

Infographic section as well haha I love those.