Is Time Travel Real? Physicists Say It Happens All The Time

Huffington Post: In the first "Back to the Future" movie, all it took to travel through time was 1.21 gigawatts and a flux capacitor (packed into a DeLorean sports car for style points). Despite centuries of dreams and decades of bona fide research, flux capacitors remain beyond our grasp, as do any other time travel-enabling devices.

From a pure physics point of view, travel into the future is not at all impossible and in fact happens all the . . . time. With all due respect to Doc Brown, however, backward time travel stacks up as a much tougher proposition.

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C_Menz2425d ago

Of course it is real. For the past few years there have been small discoveries/reports of "time travel" being done however it is minuscule and is around .0000001 of a second.

Speed-Racer2425d ago

Isn't flying a transatlantic route considered a form of minute time travel?

SnakeCQC2424d ago

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-Mezzo-2424d ago


He Has It.

Speed-Racer2424d ago

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SnakeCQC2424d ago

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aDDicteD2420d ago

"i guess we found who ate all the bubbles lol"

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Winkle922425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Time, as much as location or space, is a matter of perspective. It seems likely, with the universe so exponentially large and diverse, time is flowing at different speeds all over the universe. Fascinating to think about.
This deep, existential pondering brought to you buy Winkle92...

BlackPrince 422425d ago

I can travel through time.

. . . .

See I just did it. It's easy!

This cheap joke everyone heard in elementary school brought to you by BlackPrince42.

slavish2425d ago

1 day in the future i will travel in time TO THE FUTURE :)

chukamachine2424d ago

I don't think time travel is possible in any shape or form and never will be.

Travelling back to a moment already gone, or travelling forward to a time where that moment is yet to occur.


But if any does manage it, i'll take the lotto numbers please.

cjflora2424d ago

I like the idea that some books have used to tie time travel in with quantum physics. Basically stating that time travel is possible by traveling to a parallel universe that is identical to ours, but not as advanced in time.

Waddy1012424d ago

It strictly is possible based on the laws of physics, electrons occupy a certain energy but no electron has the same energy in the whole universe.
Now say we do something to affect one of those electrons so it changes energy, another electron somewhere, sometime would have to change it's energy to counteract it.
It's proven physics, you should go and watch the Brian Cox lecture. It's pretty interesting.

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The story is too old to be commented.