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Major Google+ redesign puts focus on discovery, lets users customize layout

The Verge : Google has just announced that it is completely redesigning the Google+ interface, with a new focus on customization, improved photo and video experiences, and a new hangouts interface — among many other changes. While this new design hasn't rolled out to everyone yet, it should be rolling out over the next few days. There's no word on when we might see these changes reflected on the Google+ mobile apps, but those have historically ben updated frequently, so hopefully it won't be long.

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Speed-Racer2532d ago

How many people here honestly use G+ though?

GrumpyVeteran2530d ago

An extremely small amount honestly. G+ may be "good" but it's not viable due to the fact that most people's friends have never even heard of G+.

fatstarr2531d ago

looks like facebook + myspace.
I have long since forgotten my credentials for google +

I have multiple emails and you tube accounts and such I find it to be an annoying hassle why 1 email connects them all when I have it like that for a reason.

but not many use the service I stopped because it turned less exclusive.

Smokeeye1232530d ago

They need to change the name of it if they want it to succeed...Google PLUS sounds stupid.