If You're Using 'Password1,' Change It. Now.

Yahoo Finance via CNN Money.Com: The number one way hackers get into protected systems isn't through a fancy technical exploit. It's by guessing the password.

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BeastOrange2392d ago

By this point in the game, people who are this stupid deserve to be hacked.

NewMonday2392d ago

i managed to log into a workmates PC with a guess, lazy head used his first name as the user and his last as the password

fatstarr2391d ago

usually when dumb people are hacked it causes a ripple effect that can cause us problems in the future

gizmig2392d ago

Hackers are good in playing mind games, so the password should be set such that is hard to guess and doesn't relate to you. This will probably make harder for hackers to crack the password.

C_Menz2392d ago

Passwords should have Capital letters and spaces. Adding numbers or letters doesn't make it all to harder, but spaces and capital letters make it much harder to be exposed due to a password.

mcstorm2391d ago

I agree with you and the most secure passwords are things that don't relate to you like I would like 3 Apple Please or the Red racing car ect.

But I work in IT and the amount of users I have spoken too and asked for there password and they have said Password01 its shocking for some of the company's we support.

cjflora2391d ago

Sounds like you need to implement a better password policy to prevent them from using this password.

mcstorm2391d ago

I would agree with you here but it is not our job to do this as we are 3rd party support and we have told the md's ect that they need to look at changing it but they dont want us too so its there own fault if something happens.

Syko2392d ago

Phew, Scared me for a second...My TechSpy login info is:


I agree people that use Password1 are stupid and deserve to get Haxzor.... =)

Syko2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

BTW if you tried to enter that login info...


fatstarr2391d ago

you have deflected many hacking attempts with that one sir. the 2 provides awesome high level encryption. no one could guess that.

Speed-Racer2392d ago

My login info is


that has to be secure...right?

Brawler2392d ago

Im safe i just use Pass123

Speed-Racer2392d ago

Ah yes, I see you combined numbers and letters..killer combination...they'd never figure it out.

Brawler2392d ago

Never in a million years its to hard to crack that bad boy ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.