Google exec hints of Android 5.0 release this fall

Computerworld: Google has revealed very little information about Android 5.0 on the current Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Rumors claim that Google will release a phone with the new operating system as soon as this summer.

But, according to comments from Hiroshi Lockheimer, vice president of engineering for mobile at Google, it looks as if it is more likely to occur sometime this autumn.

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C_Menz2331d ago

One thing that puts me off from Android phones is the constant updates to the OS and that a lot of phones are stuck at a certain point an can go no further OS update wise.

Apple may not be perfect but they are still supporting the iPhone 3GS which is nice.

fatstarr2331d ago

yea I find that annoying that all the phones are capable but if the manufacturer is too lazy to port the newest release over to your specific android phone your stuck.

you only have 1 of 2 options, stay where you are at or root and custom rom.

fatstarr2331d ago

wow, the firefox track to updating...

extermin8or2331d ago

they need to slow down.....

Sobari2331d ago

Erratic updates are why I switched to Windows Phone.