What will you do when the World’s Most Popular OS Dies?

TechTeria: What will you do when the World’s Most Popular OS dies? Take a look at the success and story of an operating system.

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BeastOrange2407d ago

One way to force people to spend money and get in the future.

gizmig2407d ago

I can't imagine my world without windows operating system now. It will be much difficult to operate other OS's now.

Aussiegamer2407d ago

Agreed I have tried other platforms but much prefer windows, also being a gamer it is just heaps easier.

Serg2407d ago

Celebrate with bubbly till I pass out...

Seriously, that would be amazing. If Windows dies, all developer focus would be on Linux, it would be up to snuff in no time. Finally all the games would come out for it, all the major programs like Photoshop would find their way onto the open OS.

@gizmig, try Ubuntu, all you have to do is burn a disc or put it on a USB stick and try it without installing. It is very easy to use.

Sobari2407d ago

Honestly, a lot of people should switch to Linux. I've yet to meet a single Windows user in real life that makes use of any Windows-exclusive software; just simple web browsing, email, social networking, etc.

C_Menz2406d ago

I doubt Windows will ever truly die. It might loose it's market share but it's only real competitor is Apple currently since Linux isn't used by the masses.

One thing I do wish is for Apple and MS to eventually make sharing stuff between OS's easier and also make them easier to program for both so games/programs can be made for both easier.

Speed-Racer2406d ago

Buy an Xbox for games, and install Linux for my computing needs.

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