5 Alternatives of Megaupload

Gamerzpedia: Here are 5 alternatives of Megaupload, the file-hosting service that was shut down today by FBI.

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Speed-Racer1829d ago

Torrenting is not exactly an alternative to megaupload. They are two totally different technologies. Your title should be 5 alternatives.

Bil1829d ago


Pikajew1827d ago

There is Putlocker and Sockshare and I find them a lot better

B_Rian891827d ago

I like Zshare and Mediafire

Raf1k11827d ago

A lot of people seem to favour Mediafire over others.

Kon1827d ago

What sucks is all my anime sites were hosting the videos on Megavideo. Now i have to keep searching for new alternatives!

Raf1k11827d ago

Same here. I loved the sync lists in megauploadforum. Will need to search for another site. If only was still up.

Speed-Racer1827d ago

What happened to them? Hacked?

Raf1k11827d ago

There was apparently some sort of falling out between the people who ran the site. The weren't able to settle the matter and decided to take down the site.

Cosmit1827d ago

Mediafire > All Others.

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