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Kim Dotcom Goes Head to Head With The MPAA's Top Lawyer

12d ago - Following the announcement that the MPAA had filed a lawsuit against Megaupload and Kim Dotcom, t... | Web

Cyber fugitive Dotcom mocks authorities: 'From 0 into a $210m company'

29d ago - Reuters - Kim Dotcom, one of the world's most wanted cyber fugitives, on Tuesday gloated over a d... | Web

Kim Dotcom’s answer to Spotify and iTunes—Baboom—will soft launch on Monday

91d ago - Ars Technica- Kim Dotcom's major "Party Party" at Auckland's Vector Arena may have been cancelled... | Software

The case against Kim Dotcom, finally revealed

120d ago - Ars Technica- Nearly two years after Kim Dotcom's New Zealand mansion was raided by police, US au... | Industry

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Kim Dotcom’s Mega-Lawsuit Could Make Him a Multi-Millionaire Again

220d ago - Wired: "File-sharing tycoon Kim Dotcom has a plan to become a multi-millionaire again: He’s filed... | Industry

Kim Dotcom Resigns as Mega Director to Focus on Music Venture

230d ago - Torrentfreak: Kim Dotcom has stepped down as director of Mega, the cloud hosting service he succe... | Industry

Kim Dotcom Will Move Mega Privacy Services to Iceland to Avoid Spying

257d ago - TorrentFreak- As the wave of controversy over government spying continues, Kim Dotcom is advising... | Web

U.S. Government Is to Blame for Megaupload Data Massacre, Court Hears

292d ago - Torrent Freak: Megaupload has asked the U.S. District Court to renew negotiations over the preser... | Web

Dotcom Reveals Megaupload Data Massacre Emails, Plans to Sue LeaseWeb

299d ago - Torrent freak: Kim Dotcom and his legal team have published an email revealing that they asked Le... | Industry

FBI Must Return Kim Dotcom’s Illegally Seized Property

327d ago - Torrent Freak- The New Zealand High Court ordered the police to inspect all digital information i... | Industry

Hollywood Studios Want Google to Censor Dotcom’s Mega

329d ago - TorrentFreak: Two major Hollywood studios have asked Google to remove the homepage of Kim Dotcom’... | Web

Kim Dotcom claims he invented two-factor authentication—but he wasn’t first

334d ago - ARS Technica: Out of nowhere, Kim Dotcom last night claimed to have invented a widely used and ve... | Web

Robbie Williams ‘Promotes’ Megaupload in New Dizzee Rascal Video

348d ago - TorrentFreak: Rapper Dizzee Rascal and all-round pop powerhouse Robbie Williams have unveiled the... | Web

Megaupload Launches Frontal Attack on White House Corruption

350d ago - Torrent Freak: Megaupload’s legal team are not restricting their fight with the U.S. Government o... | Web

Confident Kim Dotcom offers bounty for anyone who could crack Mega’s security

445d ago - ETECHMAG: The founder of recently launched file sharing service Mega and Internet celebrity Kim D... | Culture

Kim Dotcom Says The Obama White House Used His Arrest To Rake In Hollywood Campaign Cash

451d ago - BGR: Kim Dotcom made his triumphant comeback last week, but that doesn’t mean he’s toning down hi... | Culture
530° enters top 150 sites, bigger than DropBox, Rapidshare

454d ago - kitGuru - Kim Dotcom’s recently launched Mega file locker website has been climbing the ranks of... | Web

Well done, FBI, for helping Kim Dotcom achieve global fame

455d ago - ZDnet - Kim Dotcom turned the launch of a small, buggy, not-very-original New Zealand website int... | Industry

Dotcom says new site legal, no revenge for Megaupload saga

459d ago - Reuters - Kim Dotcom, founder of outlawed file-sharing website Megaupload, said his new "cyberloc... | Web

Gizmodo - Hands On With Kim Dotcom’s New Mega: This Service Could Dismantle Copyright Forever

459d ago - Gizmodo - Kim Dotcom's Mega officially launches tomorrow, but we're already in. From the membersh... | Web

Kim Dotcom promises a “press conference like no other” for the relaunch of Mega

480d ago - The Next Web : Kim Dotcom, everyone’s favorite larger-than-life Internet entrepreneur and New Zea... | Industry

Dotcom’s Megabox to Launch “A Few Months” After Mega

484d ago - TorrentFreak - With his upcoming project titled Megabox, Kim Dotcom is hoping to put the major mu... | Web

Megaupload boss wins right to sue New Zealand spy agency

503d ago - Phys.Org : Megaupload boss Kim Dotcom won the right Thursday to sue New Zealand's foreign intelli... | Industry

Dotcom: We've hit the jackpot

515d ago - NZ Herald - A fresh legal bid to throw out the case against Kim Dotcom in the United States is be... | Culture

President Obama Chats About Kim Dotcom

518d ago - TorrentFreak - President Barack Obama and New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key talked about Mega... | Culture
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